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Creative Writing Reviews af Mind Map: Creative Writing Reviews

1. Homepage

1.1. This is just introducing people on what my website is about such as writing reviews on any short stories I have read and provide creative writing tips specifically on short story format: character presentation, writing process, dialogue, etc,.

1.1.1. -digital logo: logo for page

2. Course Projects

2.1. This is where any and all course projects of the class EDT 180 will ask of me.

2.1.1. Professional Web 2.0 Resources Podcast: audio broadcast Poll: create a poll that is relevant to your website

3. Contact

3.1. Basics such as email, phone number, etc,. Just general information for anyone who is interested in my website or my assets to get in touch with me.

3.1.1. Social media icon: it will just be links to social media pages related to my website

3.1.2. Strategic Planning Map: this map that shows my plan for the website

3.1.3. Reference: works cited page of things that need citing

4. About

4.1. Just a little synopsis on myself such as going to ASU, major and the classes I'm taking.

4.1.1. Cover Letter and Résumé a cover letter and a résumé for a future career job position that includes a section in each about the technology I learned

5. Reviews

5.1. This is where I will be writing my reviews for the short stories I read. As well as give any insight of the story itself. Sometimes I might add some creative writing tips.

5.1.1. Digital Story Video a video or animation that will teach a lesson