Why do people play/learn instruments?

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Why do people play/learn instruments? af Mind Map: Why do people play/learn instruments?

1. It increases discipline and time management skills. -Alan

2. So they can entertain people with new things- Marcelo

3. Because some people just want to learn it- Maxwell

3.1. You can release stress with it. -Maxwell

4. It stops stage fright-Alan

5. There is no knowing how good you will become so you can spend infinite time on it-Alan

5.1. It helps you to grow.

6. Playing instruments also help us calm down, relax and let our negative feelings out. Anna

6.1. Playing music also help you with you competing skills, like if you lose a competition you know not to cry and stay strong (Resilience/persistence) Anna

6.1.1. Music is fun to play and it improves your Wellbeing. When you are playing music, you can improve your learning attitude and discipline. It also improves you feelings and you can learn a new thing and you can make it a hobby of your own.

7. Because people like to play music and it makes them happy. -Wendy

7.1. Because they enjoy it, and it also it gives you a warm up. -Wendy

7.1.1. Because you can play beautiful music with your intrument. -Wendy

8. Because it gives you a sense of achievement. -Jasmine

9. Because you can delight people. -Jasmine

10. Because it is relaxing and helps people think for example Albert Einstein. -Jay

11. Because it can be educational or entertaining

11.1. to remember how their ancestors did things- Marcelo

12. Because it helps you relax. -Jasmine

13. because playing instrument will let you relax for some reason -Angela

14. Because playing music make your brain stronger. -Zoe S

15. Because it helps you with multi-tasking. -Jasmine

16. Because it helps you with listening skills. -Jasmine

17. Because sometimes you play music to clam down and fell undressed. Julie

18. Mutong because music can let people relax and it could help you to feel better when you are upset and it could help you to make new friend.

19. Because it builds your confidence. -Sarah

19.1. Instrument does practice your physical and mental piece which makes you more intelligent and strong.-Dylan

19.1.1. Music will let your body fit cause listening to music can make your workout feel easier or encourage you to work harder without you feeling like you are.-Dylan Because it is a good skill to have and it is enjoyable -Tiffanie

20. Because playing instruments relieves stress and it keeps you calm. -Sarah

21. because it will make us happy when we are up set.-lily

22. Because some people just want to perform -James

23. Because it makes you more patient. -Jasmine

24. Because it is enjoyable. -Jasmine

25. Because it opens up your brain. -Jasmine

25.1. For they can learn something new- Marcelo

26. Because it improves your confidence. -Jasmine

27. Because they want to make it a profession and make money. -Jay

28. Because it improves your memory. -Jasmine

29. Because it helps you with hand-eye coordination. -Jasmine

30. Because it helps people relax and calm down. -Jolin

31. So you can be elected by good colleges. -Jay

31.1. Because it sometimes helps you make friends. -Jasmine

32. Because it makes you smarter and improves your memory skills. -Jay

33. It increases discipline and time management skills. -Jay

34. mBecause it will make people relaxed and it is also a job and is some peoples hobbes.-Aiden

35. It is fun and makes you happy. -Jay

36. It makes you attractive. -Jay

37. It is a good skill to lean and it helps you in lots of ways eg. it helps you to relax or just playing for fun-- Sophia

38. Playing Music makes you relax and forget you worries -Zoe

38.1. It helps you to be more patient. -Zoe S

38.2. Because it helps your social life to improve. -Sarah

38.3. because it can let you express you emotions. _Alan

39. Because when you can play it well you can perform, and playing instruments make people happy.(I know sometimes practicing your instrument could be hard, but when you can play it well it's fun.) - James L

40. It is fundamental for your wellbeing and health.

41. Because when you grow up someone might challenge you and you know how to play instrument and they might be mesmerized. And also its good for learning and finding a good work like a piano-lest -Angela

42. It's a great way to not get bored. - James

42.1. To celebrate things like christmas and happy birthdays and festivals and religions- Marcelo

43. It's a wonderful talent.

44. It is fun and it's a talent that can delight people.

45. Because when you feel depressed or angry you can use it to make you feel better. -Marjorie

46. Sometimes when people are bored, they may find interest in something like music. -Tyler

47. Because it will make you happier and it is enjoyable. -Vanessa

48. i think it calms you down

49. I think it calms you down. Emma Calvet

50. Because it makes you mind relaxed and it just sounds good. Clara

51. It can make you focus

52. Because playing instruments makes me calm.

53. Because it entertains people- Alan

54. Because people enjoy it -Maxwell

55. It allows you to build up memory skills-Alan

56. You earn a lot of money if you are a pro-Alan

56.1. People want to be unique

57. So persons can dance- Marcelo

58. for your parents- Marcelo

59. Because

60. Because it makes you use your brain and makes people build their passion. Dany

61. Because some people use it to make money. -Hanlin

62. Because it helps people calm down and relax. -Hanlin

63. Because it helps people get elected by good schools. -Hanlin

64. Because it is entertaining. -Hanlin

65. Because it helps some people enjoy life. -Hanlin

66. Because it helps people feel confident. -Hanlin

67. Because some people enjoy it and it makes them happy. -Hanlin

68. because it makes you relax and enjoy playing it-Bryanna S

69. Because it will help you alot when you are a grown up and will change your future-Bryanna S

70. It helps you to improve.

71. Because people can express themselves through music. - Michelle

71.1. Because people can be who they are and be free 🙂. Also, You can let the music flow through you. Music releases stress. 🎶-Isla

72. Because people can express themselves. -Michelle