Schoology Data Live Event

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Schoology Data Live Event af Mind Map: Schoology Data Live Event

1. Learning Outcomes

1.1. Value of Analytics

1.1.1. Built to facilitate discussion What students need What Parents need

1.1.2. Provide insights on where to support Faculty Students Parents

1.1.3. Not a "Gotcha"

1.1.4. Provides Autonomy

1.2. Understand School Usage and Analytics features

1.2.1. 3 charts Active Users Course Materials Created Course Materials Usage

1.2.2. Comparative (7/30/365 day)

1.2.3. Role Filters

1.3. Understand Course Analytics features

1.4. Understand How to Access Courses in their school

1.5. Reinforce the workflow for distributing Parent Access Codes

2. Event Flow