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1. Economic

1.1. Long term

1.1.1. Jobs will start back up again increase in online jobs stock market will slowly rise

1.2. Short Term

1.2.1. letting go of employees increased poverty increase in crime

1.2.2. stock market crashed

2. Social

2.1. Increased online shopping and curb side pick up.

2.2. People will bemore cautious when going out in pubuc

2.3. Funerals have came to stop

2.3.1. Too much of a risk

2.4. Increased Spending time with family

2.5. Less exercising

2.5.1. Cant go to gym

2.6. Increased screen time

2.6.1. watching tv

2.6.2. lisening to podcasts

3. Religious

3.1. Restriction of large gatherings of people

3.2. Online mass

3.3. Less people will believe in a god. Instead they will believe in more science

4. Educational

4.1. future

4.1.1. limited amount of kids in a class

4.1.2. University All online learning No more in school learning

4.1.3. Elementary school Half online, half in class

4.1.4. High School Half online, Half in class

4.1.5. Kindergarten in class

4.1.6. home School no change

4.2. Current

4.2.1. No school

4.2.2. University School closed Online school

4.2.3. Elementary School closed Onine school

4.2.4. High school School closed Online

4.2.5. Kindergarten School Closed no online

4.2.6. Home school no change

5. Population Dynamics

5.1. One of the oldest Population in the world at 45.4 years

5.2. 99% of the patients who died from Covid had previous illnesses

5.3. The average age of the people who died from Covid is 79.5

5.3.1. A whole generation is dying in italy

6. Health Care System

6.1. have began researching for a vaccine

6.2. importing thousands of respirators

6.3. not enough room to barry the dead

6.4. Doctors are getting sick

6.4.1. 100 doctors have died from corona shortage of proper equitment

7. Supply Shortages

7.1. Food

7.1.1. Donations to food banks have gone down Government Aid to food banks have also decreased

7.1.2. Grocery stores limited on specif food Flour canned meats and canned legumes are in great demand for there long shelf life.

7.1.3. Italian food packaging plants started to have infected workers

7.2. Respirators

7.2.1. Many countries trying to donate respirators to Italy. however it is not enough for the demand

7.3. Hand Sanitizer

7.3.1. Overcharging

7.3.2. Shortage of packaging

8. New Society 'Norms'

8.1. Social distancing

8.1.1. A limit of how many people are allowed in a public area

8.2. increase sanitation

8.3. wearing masks & gloves whenever in public

8.4. No fans at sport games

8.5. No more concerts

8.6. Online school

8.7. No more greeting by handshaking/kissing on the cheek

9. Positives That May Emerge

9.1. better preparation for next virus

9.1.1. Increased respirators

9.2. More efficient testing for new viruses

9.3. Better care in senior homes

9.4. Stronger pride

9.4.1. After a country goes through a traumatic experience they are more closer together and have a stronger bond