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SAFE af Mind Map: SAFE

1. Why

1.1. Eradicate Unethical Minerals From Global Supply Chains

2. How

2.1. By creating information awareness

3. What

3.1. Holistic Consulting Framework

3.1.1. Understand the industry / your business / how it's changing Industry/Business Analysis

3.1.2. Understand where technology is going Technology Strategy

3.1.3. Understand new regulatory frameworks / compliance requirements Compliance

3.1.4. Outcomes ASSET: Case Study: Horizon Mining

3.2. Flexibility to create bridge Solutions to connect to the backbone

3.2.1. ASSET: Case Study: Afrimet

3.3. End to end supply chain Backbone Platform

3.3.1. Why To solve the following challenges Supply Chain inefficiences Interoperability to connect different counter parties Compliance through appropriate information sharing with auditors

3.3.2. How Platform to take advantage of technological progression and convergence 5G / Satellite IoT Blockchain AI Cloud

3.3.3. What A backbone system that captures information in a known structure Provides security and control of information throughout the supply chain. moves transactions/deals through a known process Highly interoperable / Integrates with your business systems Can be used (on a basic level) by any actor