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Cinderella af Mind Map: Cinderella

1. Summary

1.1. Cinderella her mom dead, so Cinderella goes to her grave, and put some flowers. Cinderella’s farther tries to get a new wife, ((The)) new wife have two daughter ((One)) day the prince hold a ball, the prince ((have)) invited all in the city ((The)) day ((come)) and Cinderella will go to ball, but the sisters ((will not have)) Cinderella to ball so Cinderella ((go)) down her mom’s grave and ((plant)) oak tree, Cinderella ((is)) crying and the tree grow, and a bird landed on the top of the tree. Under the tree Cinderella ((wishes)) some beautiful clothes, the bird drop some beautiful clothes down to Cinderella and ((her)) go to ball ((Later)) that evening Cinderella ((take)) home, the same ((do)) Cinderella tree evenings in row, but every day Cinderella ((cat)) more beautiful clothes.

2. Cinderella's dream

2.1. One of Cinderella's dream are her mom come back to life

2.2. an nother of Cinderella's dream is her get the prince

3. Synopsis

3.1. I'm not so much to Prinsesses, so I don't like it

3.2. But there is all that a fairy tale need

3.3. There are some magic and all kids can understand the history

4. 15 Words

4.1. stepchild = stedbarn

4.2. smock = lang simpel kjole

4.3. pigeon coop = due gård

4.4. escort = eskortere/følge

4.5. dim = lavt lys

4.6. nimbly = let og elegant

4.7. splendid = smuk/god

4.8. pitch = tjære

4.9. swallowed the pain = bed smerten i sig

4.10. deformed = deform/underlig

4.11. bowed down = bukkede sig ned

4.12. heel = hæl

4.13. astonished = forbløffede

4.14. nimbly = let og elegant

4.15. magnificent = fantastisk, preceding day = tidligere dag