The Julian Chapter

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The Julian Chapter af Mind Map: The Julian Chapter

1. Words to describe Julian

1.1. Selfish

1.2. Snobby

1.3. Popular

1.4. Mean

1.5. Rude

1.6. 2 sides

1.7. Self centered

2. Motivations

2.1. He is motivated to get rid of Auggie because Auggie gives him nightmare. I think that he is also motivated to get rid of Auggie because he 'transferred' Jack to the 'Dark Side.'

3. Struggles

3.1. Julian struggles with Auggie, because he is scared of him. Julian struggles because he has nightmares about Auggie. He struggles with the fact that Auggie is different and has a different face.

4. Conflicts

4.1. Internal

4.2. External

4.2.1. He has an external conflict with Auggie, because he really hates him. In this book, Auggie doesn't show much, but since we read Wonder, I know that they really hate each other


5.1. I think that Julian might be kind of arrogant, but I also think that he might just be scared of Auggie, because one of the chapter's name is 'Scared.' Since people bully when they feel smal to try and make others feel small and bring themselves higher, I think that Julian feels scared and small in front of Auggie, and he wants to overcome his fear, except he does it in a really mean way.

5.2. After Julian moves, I think that he will want to move with a clean slate. Since his Mr. Browne precept was 'Sometimes it's good to start over', I think that he realized what he did was wrong, and he wants to be known for something else

5.3. I predict that since Julian is so scared of faces and stuff, I think that Auggie's face automatically reminded him of bad memories, and he is scared of him. It is not Auggie's fault that Julian reacts to him like that, but Julian definitely is immature.

5.4. I predict that since Julian is so scared of faces and stuff, I think that Auggie's face automatically reminded him of bad memories, and he is scared of him. It is not Auggie's fault that Julian reacts to him like that, but Julian definitely is immature. I think that Julian's fear of weird faces shows that he doesn't like it when things are out of the ordinary. He is scared of the unknown. I think that because of this, Julian will try and get Auggie out to stop being scared.

5.5. I predict that someone (I don't know who) told that Julian is leaving notes, because Dr. Jansen called him in. I think that Julian's mom is going to defend him, because she is just like that. Julian's mom will do anything for Julian. Also, Julian's mom is crazy because she thought the really funny and weird note to be hurtful.

5.6. I predict that Julian will feel very different about Auggie, because Grandmère's story is all about kindness, and it really helped. Maybe, if Julian went back, he would try to befriend Auggie because he now knows that it is the inside that counts

5.7. I think that Grandmère and Julian will grow closer now, because Julian learned a lesson from her, and they both shared a similar experience. Julian and Grandmère think the same now, and Grandmère really helped Julian.

6. Reactions to characters

6.1. Jack

6.1.1. He and Jack are good friends - they act like regular guys

6.2. Charlotte

6.2.1. He teases her and is mean to her - typical

6.3. Mr. Tushman

6.3.1. Julian really sucks up to him - he makes sure that Mr. Tushman gets a good (and fake) view of him

6.4. Auggie

6.4.1. He finds him really creepy, and he is scared of him. He doesn't hate him, but he definitely doesn't like him

6.5. Mom

6.5.1. He is just like a normal son to her, maybe just a little rude - but he knows it's ok

6.6. Dad

6.6.1. Just like a regular dad - except he has a little more power over his dad because he is their precious little jewel

6.7. Dr. Jansen

6.7.1. Treats him like a regular adult - respectful, but doesn't really suck up to him like Mr. Tushman

6.8. Grandmère

6.8.1. He acts like he doesn't care, but he actually does.

7. I think that Julian's mom is crazy. She seems to always have to get her way, and she also seems like she has a lot of power in the story. Julian's mom does everything Julian wants. She always feels like she has to know everything, and have control over everything.

8. I think that Dad is also really fond of Julian, but unlike Mom, he knows what the limit is. Since Dad is so uncomfortable, it makes me think that Dad knows that it was wrong, but he doesn't want to go against Julian.

9. I think that Julian's mom is way too protective of him, and also, Dad is reasonable. Dad knows that this was Julian's fault, but Mom thinks that Julian didn't really know about what he was doing - he was 'goaded,' according to Mom.


10.1. I think that Julian doesn't realize that the world isn't only about him, because Grandmère was telling him about how she had her fear, and I think that she was saying this because she wants Julian to realize that everybody has fears, and it is not only him.

11. I think that Grandmère is trying to tell Julian that it's the inside that counts, because even though Tourteau had polio, he was just a normal person inside, except much kinder. He did not have anything wrong with him, like Auggie. I predict that Julian will now rethink about his precept, and he will see it in a whole different light.

12. I think that since Julian knows that Tourteau's real name is Julian, Julian will probably realize that he is not the only one, and other people are real too. Since Grandmère was trying to say that it is the inside that counts, and that Tourteau was special. Julian now knows that he is not the only one.

13. I think that Grandmère is really cool because she made everybody think the right thing. She made Julian rethink about what he did, and he thought about the right thing. Julian's mom now realizes that what she did was wrong. Dad realizes that what he did was wrong too. I realize that Dad has the strongest opinion, because the whole family had to convince him. Mom was also convinced by Julian and Grandmére, and Julian was convinced by only Grandmère.


14.1. I feel happy, and I feel sad too. I think that reading about Julian's side of the story really made wonder a lot clearer. Wonder was a really good book that was a little sad, but surprisingly, I found The Julian Chapter to be more sad than Wonder. I think that this book really shows how people can change, and it has a beautiful meaning. R.J. Palacio is a really good author.