The Julian Chapter

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The Julian Chapter af Mind Map: The Julian Chapter

1. Words to describe Julian: Horrible, mean, rude, selfish, bully, not trusted, un responsible,

2. I predict that Julian will do something bad to Auggie, I predict that when they will have the class picture Auggie and Julian wont be there. I also predict that there will be a big fight between Auggie and Julian, and I think that's why one of the chapter's are called scared.

3. Reactions to characters I think Julian is really scared to see the principal because maybe he's going to be stricter.

4. Julian's Mom is really nice to Julian because she does everything Julian say's like when Julian's favorite food was goon, Mom talked to the owner of the place and put the food back on the menu.

5. I fell bad for Julian because he's mom is always embarrassing him when he's around people. Also I fell bad for him because now he is suspended and now he can't go to the beatnik reserve because he can't go to school.

6. I think Grandmother is going to tell Julian about her point of view because everyone has a nightmare about something like Julian get's nightmare's from Auggie because of Auggie's face. I think why Grand-mere told Julian the story was because she wanted to let Julian know that he isn't the only one who is scared. I think Grand-mere should really tell Toto that he isn't as bad as he look's so that Toto can finally have someone to understand him why he is such a good person.

7. I feel really sad because at the end of the book Grand-mere told us about how Toto died, but the really interesting thing in the book was that Toto's real name is actually Julian and Grand-mere has a grandson called Julian.