The Julian Chapter

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The Julian Chapter af Mind Map: The Julian Chapter

1. Words to Describe Julian: Mean, bully, picking on the one who is different.

2. Predictions: I think that Julian will make it seem like what he did to Auggie was not so bd.

3. Reactions of Characters: jack is really scared of seeing Auggie

3.1. Julian has nightmare because of Auggie

4. I didn't know Jake and Julian were so close

4.1. This also is one of the reasons julian hates auggie because he stole his friend

5. Julian's mom so passionate about everything. She can just choose something that are not so good to be passionate about thing. She really wants to keep the image of their family good

6. I think it means that how Mowgli is being shut out of the jungle, is like Julian being shut out of Beecher Prep

7. I think it means that Auggie is free of Julian and Julian is free of Auggie

8. I think that he is using mr. Browne to let it all out

9. I think that she is just trying to say don't judge a boy by his face or pollo

9.1. Also saying give him a chance!

10. Reflection: I feel kinda sad and I also think that Auggie and JUlian might become very good friend, like bffs, and I hope they do. Julian need a good kid like Auggie with him