Julian Chapter

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Julian Chapter af Mind Map: Julian Chapter

1. Describe Julian

1.1. mean

1.2. selfish

1.3. spoiled

1.4. nasty

1.5. doesn't care about people

1.6. popular

1.7. self centered

1.8. Judgemental

1.9. rude

2. Predictions

2.1. I think that now Julian isn't going to the school he isn't going to be that popular. I think he is not going to be able to bully someone that much because he is new and he won't know how to do that. I think this because if that guy he bullies have friends and he doesn't he won't know what to do or do anything like he use to. I infer that if he does this then he will be bullied than them.

2.2. Also, maybe if he get friends he is going to talk about Auggie and how bad and weird looking he is and say a lot of things that are mean.

2.3. I predict the call will be when Mr.Tushman called Julian to help show Auggie around in the school.

2.4. I predict that it's about the sticky notes because Dr. Jansen said "Unfortunately," which made me think that it was about the sticky notes that Julian wrote.

2.5. I think Vertice means that Julian might feel guilty about writing those sticky notes

2.6. I predict that Julian in this chapter will regret of what he id, like regret on the sticky notes he wrote, and all theses things that weren't very nice in Beecher Prep. Also, Julian has a new chance to start over and be nice and have good friends and not bully people.

2.7. I predict that they aren't going to find Grandmaree because she is here now, but maybe they suspected something, but didn't think it was a jewish kid.

3. Reactions to charecters

3.1. Julian reactions to Auggie was he had nightmares.

4. My Thinking

4.1. I think that Julian was the funny person in fourth grade and now that Auggie came he's not really that funny guy. I think Julian would be kind of annoyed if I was Julian I would be annoyed. But, wouldn't show it and wouldn't be mean just still be funny and try to get people with me again and be funny like I used to be.

4.2. Julian sometimes helps Julian too much. It get's kind of annoying and just bad. Power mom sometimes not power mom.

4.3. I think that Julian's Mom is kind of mean because she was so shocked and said "Why did he have to come to Beecher Prep anyway!" Also he said "

4.4. I think Julian's mom said "Mr. Tushman's an idiot." That is really mean I though because that's the principal and she said that. Mom is all her job is Julian only. He gets everything he wants she wants everything for Julian. She doesn't waste one minute not helping Julian she wants to help too much and make everything right for Julian, EVERYTHING!

4.5. I maybe think that Julian is a little scared about being in Dr. Jansen's office because he has never been he had no idea why they were their.

4.6. Wow, I think that Julian is a little sad that he can't go to the Nature Reserve because he is suspended. If I was Julian I would feel very sad that I couldn't go and that I would never right theses sticky notes. Julian though didn't really feel remorseful for what he did, I would!

4.7. I think that Julian really trusts that Mr. Browne (his favourite teacher in Beecher Prep) and that he'll understand what happened. Mr. Browne did, also he gave advice to Julian which may help him in the school. Like CHOOSE KIND! I think that Mr. Browne chose that because the sticky notes to the 2 people he didn't like that means that he wasn't very nice. Trying to be nice in his new school.

5. Julian's Mom

5.1. She doesn't want to take a picture of Julian because he looks bad. Now that's just mean. Also, not going to Paris because of Julian's looks.

6. Julian's Grandma

6.1. Grandma

6.2. Jewish

6.3. Wise

6.4. Fashinable

6.5. drinks wine

6.6. has connections with Julian. She had a person in her school like Auggie for Julian and so she was afraid of him and people called him Tortue.

6.7. She was also in the time of the Nazies and the German's were following them.

6.8. I think Julian is going to learn from his grandma that wasn't nice to act to Auggie that way he did.

6.9. Grandmaree told the story because she was mean to Tourteau, like Julian was to Auggie, but when she was frightened she allowed to be nice to Tourteau and allowed him to help him. Also, to teach Julian to allow Auggie sometimes and be more kinder maybe.

6.10. Kissed Julian

6.11. Grandmaree taught Julian that it wasn't nice to bully Auggie and to change it.

7. Tourteau

7.1. nice

7.2. I think that Tourteau was very nice to help Sarah (JUlian's grandma. Even though tourtea was cold but gave his jacket to her anyway.

7.3. Generous

7.4. Kind

7.5. Real name was Julian

7.6. Crush on Sarah(Julian's Grandma)

7.7. Kissed Sarah

7.8. Made fun of everybody except Sarah, because she didn't make fun of him and had a crush on her.

7.9. Name: Julian Augest Merre

8. Reflection

8.1. I am kind of feeling more sad for Julian then Auggie because he had to really think about what he did and how he could change it. Also, having to go to a new school must have been difficult for him. He regretted what he did to Auggie and felt that remorse what Mr. Tushman had said. After his grandma's story he felt so bad for what he did, and wrote the apology not to Auggie.