Julian's chapter

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Julian's chapter af Mind Map: Julian's chapter

1. Words to describe Julian:

1.1. Mean,

1.2. selfish

1.3. judgement

1.4. rude

1.5. not caring

1.6. crown

1.7. Trickers

1.8. Now:

1.9. Sorry

2. Predicts:

2.1. I think that he going going to move at the end of the book.Also that he might tell his problem.

2.2. I predicts that Julian mom photoshop the picture, because Julian is spoiled and she wants Julian to be happy.

2.3. I predict thatJulian is not going to be popular in his new school because he is going to be the new kid.

2.4. I think that Julian Grandmother is going to tell him to forgot about Auggie and that the world does not about him, people have their own problems

2.5. I think that it is her friends hiding in the stay place she was hiding.

3. Reactions to charters:

3.1. I think that Julian is scary of faces and when he saw Auggie face he thought of that the scary face.

4. I think

4.1. that Julian's mom didn't tell Julian that Auggie is deform because she know that he won't do it if he know.

4.2. I think that Henry have long time with out, so henry thinks that auggie is no that bad and he is still a person and he also realize that he different but still a person.

4.3. I think that Auggie might of when with Henry and miles to rock camp.

4.4. I think that Mr.Browne know the whole story because with bullying teachers know about it.

4.5. I think she told the story because this boy help her from death and I think that Grandma is hoping that Julian will change the way that Julian think about Auggie

4.6. I think that they name Julian,because Grandma was hoping that Julian would show the braving like Julian.

4.7. I think that Julian wrote the letter.

4.8. I think if in his new school if there is a kid like Auggie again he would change his think about the kid and not going to be the bully but be a up-stander

5. Power:

5.1. I think that Julian mom had the power because she photoshop Auggie out.

6. Julian's mom

6.1. I think that Julian's mom is over protective. Also think that Julian's mom Mrs.prefect.

7. empathy

7.1. I feel little bad for Julian because his parents made Julian change schools because of auggie little.

8. Feeling

8.1. In the beginning of the book I thought that Julian was a bully, but now I think that Julian is going to be a good kid and now he never going to do what he did to Auggie.

9. Fist I thought but now I think

9.1. First I thought that Julian will never feel sorry about Auggie and all the things that he did to Auggie, but now I think that Julian is sorry about he did to Auggie.

9.2. First I thought that Julian will never write the letter, but now I think that Julian is 100% sorry.

10. Reflection:

10.1. In the beginning of the book you never would think that you would felt sorry of Julian, but now you realize after Julian point of view you feel sorry for him.

11. Feelings