The Julian Chapter

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The Julian Chapter af Mind Map: The Julian Chapter

1. Judging

2. Predictions

2.1. I predict that Julian will be admitting that he was mean, and finding out

2.2. I predict they will probably expel him, and get him in so much trouble.

2.3. Julian will be in so much trouble that their parents were dragged into Julians problems, and even though they are protecting him, they will still be angry about him not being behaved

2.4. I predict Grandmere has flaws, but she has very good feelings about people, unlike Julian. She thought Julian was being mean to Auggie, which he was. She must have changed her actions, because maybe she did this when she was a kid, so she wants Julian to change his actions too.

3. Todays meet/Mindmeister notes

3.1. Looking Bad

3.2. Big Guy

3.3. The Verdict

4. Reactions to characters

5. Julian's Mum

5.1. Bossy, queen

5.1.1. She will do anything for her son, and she feels like whatever is good for her "Little Julian"

5.1.2. She thinks that Mr. Tushman is the one changing rules, but really, He has more rights to change rules than Julians Mom

6. Grandmere

6.1. I think Julian is being more and more aware of his actions and will change his actions anywhere

7. Torteau

7.1. ☮✞ Poor Julian ☮✞

7.2. Julian (Torteau) was like Auggie. He just had to deal with it and go on.

7.3. Julian Albans is the opposite of Torteau, Torteau was the victim

8. Reflection

8.1. I feel sad but happy. I feel that the two sides of wonder kind of show the change. Grandmere took a big part in the story, even though she wasn't in for that long. Julian and Auggie have kind of seen each other on the inside and I predict they will meet in the future and Julian changed his actions so much. If Julian ever meets someone different, he will treat them the same as anyone else, and if not, better. I feel shocked about how the whole things ties together.