Lord of the flies

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Lord of the flies af Mind Map: Lord of the flies

1. Chapter 1

1.1. The crash

1.2. Characters

1.2.1. Piggy

1.2.2. Ralph

1.2.3. Jack Choirboys Simon

1.3. Conch shell

1.3.1. Elect a leader Ralph

1.4. The island

1.4.1. Jungle

1.4.2. No civilization

1.5. The pig

1.5.1. "The three boys rushed forward and Jack drew his knife again with a flourish"

2. Chapter 2

2.1. Meeting

2.1.1. Conch holder speaks

2.1.2. Organized roles

2.2. Stranded

2.2.1. "This is our island. It's a good island. Until the grown-ups come to fetch us we'll have fun"

2.2.2. Their minds quickly alternated from being focused on how they would get of the island, to playing around and feeling like they could do whatever they wanted

2.3. The fire

2.3.1. The small boy kindles the fire The same boy who tells the others about the beast He accidentally sets a fodder of trees on fire He disappears

2.4. Character

2.4.1. Piggy is getting angry and fed up with the group

2.5. The beast

2.5.1. Only a nightmare The boy is missing

3. Chapter 12

4. Chapter 3

4.1. Characters

4.1.1. Jack Jack tries to hunt a pig through the jungle with a spear made from a sharpened stick

4.1.2. Ralph

4.1.3. Simon Simon walks through the jungle alone and eventually stumbles upon a beautiful glade He helps the littluns get some fruit

4.1.4. Little boys = Littluns

4.2. Conflict and Relationships

4.2.1. Ralph is concerned about the smaller boys, who are having troubles sleeping because of nightmares

4.2.2. Ralph and Jack gets into an argument over the fact that Jack still haven't killed a single pig Ralph gets annoyed with Jack and the other boys because they won't help work on the huts Jack claims that the boys want food/meat

4.2.3. Ralph and Simon builds a hut together for the younger boys

4.2.4. In an attempt to settle the conflict between them, they go swimming in the lagoon; to no greater help however

5. Chapter 4

5.1. Surrounding

5.1.1. Day: Cool air and sweet smells

5.1.2. Afternoon: Hot There are often bizarre and obscure images that flicker over the water

5.1.3. Evening: Cooler temperatures

5.1.4. Night: Scary and difficult

5.2. The pig

5.2.1. Jack and the hunters returned from the jungle covered in blood., carrying a pig on a steak. They roast the pig while dancing around the fire

5.3. Characters

5.3.1. Littluns They eat fruit and play most of the day.Their fruitbased diet gives them stomach aches and diarrhea They are continuing to talk about a "beastie"

5.3.2. Roger Both Roger and Maurice are harassing the littluns. Roger throws rocks on a small boy, he doesn't however purposely hit him "Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life. Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law."

5.3.3. Maurice Maurice and Ralph harass the littluns, they destroy their sandcastle

5.3.4. Ralph Ralph and Piggy sees a ship but notices that the signal fire is out, Ralph is angry with Jack because it's the hunters responsibility to keep the fire going Ralph gets Jack to admit his responsibility in keeping the signal fire lit, and takes the blame for it not burning

5.3.5. Jack Jack is obsessed with the thought of killing a pig. He paints his face with clay and charcoal When Jack and the hunters finally killed a pig, Jack was full of bloodlust Jack slaps Piggy for complaining, breaking one of the lenses in his glasses Jack feels that what he did was for the best of the group

5.3.6. Piggy

6. Chapter 5

6.1. The meeting

6.1.1. Ralph is unhappy about the way the group is acting, he wants them to be more of a team He calls for a meeting by blowing into the conch Ralph scolds the boys for not following the group rules, and failing to stick together and help out

6.1.2. One of the littluns says he's actually seen a beast. He suggests that the beast is hiding in the ocean only to rise after nightfall

6.2. The group

6.2.1. The group is splitted again when Jack takes of with most of the boys, after tormenting Piggy. Left is Ralph, Simon and Piggy

7. Chapter 6

7.1. The planes

7.1.1. They see planes fighting in the sky A parachutist comes down, dead. In the morning, a couple of boys go to tend to the fire but mistake the dead parachutist that landed by the beach, for the beast. They rush back to warn the others

7.1.2. The boys continue to play instead of doing their assigned "chore"

8. Chapter 7

8.1. Ralph is unhappy about how the boys are undisciplined and slower

8.2. Jack and hunters find pig droppings while hunting for the beast, he suggests that they also hunt for the pig while searching for the beast

8.2.1. They remain in a frenzy after the hunt is failed

9. Chapter 8

10. Chapter 9

11. Chapter 10

12. Chapter 11