Gaining Gold on Vi

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Gaining Gold on Vi af Mind Map: Gaining Gold on Vi

1. Farming

1.1. This is where it all comes together. We found that easily the biggest issue Low ELO players ran into when trying to obtain gold and take over the game was their lack of farm. Just to put this into perspective, at the 20 minute mark the average High ELO player is already 600 gold ahead of the average Low ELO player JUST FROM FARM. We also had some High ELO players play in Low ELO themselves, and that number then jumps to 1000 gold. Just from farm. At 20 minutes.

1.1.1. But I can't farm like that! I'm not a Masters player with amazing mechanics. The thing you need to remember is that this is JUNGLE farm we're talking about. You don't have to last hit or anything. You literally just have to go and kill the camp. That's it. It's a matter of decision making , awareness, and urgency. Not mechanics or skill.

1.1.2. So, how do I do this? The most important concept when it comes to obtaining gold in the jungle is this: Urgency. It's crucial that you constantly be trying to play as efficiently as possible. It's not like being in a lane where the gold just comes to you and you take it. You have to actively make choices to move and take this gold. Do it, and do it quickly! How do I balance farming? with ganks?

1.2. Insurance

1.2.1. We like to think of your farm in the jungle as your gold insurance. Ganks didn't work out? No worries. I've got my gold insurance because I've been farming. Team losing and you're not able to get any objectives for extra gold? No worries, I've got my farm. Basically, farming well and efficiently just guarantees that, no matter what happens in the game, you're going to stay relevant and have a chance to be strong and carry.

2. Killing

2.1. The first method of gold generation we'll be looking at is killing the enemy.

2.1.1. Overall, gaining gold from kills is MUCH harder and more inefficient than from farm unless you're able to pretty much chain kill the enemy and you yourself get all of the kills. So, why not just AFK farm? Ganking is about a lot more than gold! It's about taking objectives, helping out your team, reducing the gold that the enemy gets, etc.. It's a much more selfless and team oriented play.

2.2. We tracked data from a number of low ELO and high ELO games and found that gold generation from kills between the two separate brackets of play was almost identical. Bronze/Silver players were being just as active in kills as Masters player.

2.2.1. So, this means that, in terms of obtaining gold and becoming a force in the game, ganking and getting kills really isn't the issue.

3. Introduction

3.1. As with any champion in the game, gaining gold is a fundamental aspect of successfully playing Vi. In this video we'll be going over the ways in which Vi gains the most gold (farming and killing the enemy), and some differences we've found between how low ELO players and high ELO players obtain their gold.

3.1.1. Vi scales excellently into the mid game with gold, so it's extremely important to maximize your gold gains during the early and mid game. In our research we found a huge disparity in the amount of gold that High and Low ELO players had to work with, which severely limited the impact the Low ELO players could have on the game. In this video you'll learn some strategies to ensure that you are in a dominant position during your power spikes. In this course you're going to be learning a lot of strategies designed to help you dominate the game, but all of these strategies are either reliant on you gaining a lot of gold or designed to help you do just that.

4. Notes

4.1. I should show not only 20 minutes, but the full game for all three categories and just highlight what I talk about

4.2. Need to emphasize that this video isn't about how to farm, it's about when to farm and how important it is. Note that we have a video on how to actually do it and they should watch that.