Digital Tools/Strategies for the Online Classroom

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Digital Tools/Strategies for the Online Classroom af Mind Map: Digital Tools/Strategies for the  Online Classroom

1. References

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2. Introduction

2.1. Discuss a brief intro into one digital tool and strategy I will talk more about in the body.

2.1.1. Email and Writing Down Due Dates. Refer to "Reference 1 and 5".

3. Body

3.1. Tools: Email, Backup Programs and Productivity Software (Word). Refer to "Reference 5".

3.1.1. Strategies: Organize by priority, quiet time and schedule time for interruptions. Refer to "Reference 2, 3 and 4".

4. Conclusion

4.1. Discuss a brief overview of of the tools and strategies discussed in the body.

4.1.1. Give a heads up on some of the sites you used, and which ones will help out students with what problems they have.

5. Why These Resources

5.1. I could of chose many articles and titles for relation on my topic. But one being a reading assignment, and three being online web research, I felt they portrayed the message I plan to use in my research the most and will help someone out if they take a look at them.