The five learning outcomes

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The five learning outcomes af Mind Map: The five learning outcomes

1. Learning Objective #1     Students will develop and/or enhance knowledge, skills and understanding to make informed decision-making in their academic and career plans.

1.1. Time management is a big component of decision-making as a student as well as an employee. Using a planner and creating ranked lists allow for an organized visual of tasks that need completing by certain due dates.

1.2. As a college athlete in my undergraduate years, I was able to hone my skills of time management by dividing my workloads into an organized calendar. SDV 101 allowed me to analyze the stress component of time management and it better prepared me for completing tasks in the least stressful manner.

1.3. As a college athlete in my undergraduate years, I was able to hone my skills of time management by dividing my workloads into an organized calendar. SDV 101 allowed me to analyze the stress component of time management and it better prepared me for completing tasks in the least stressful manner.

2. Learning Objective #2 Students will develop a basic level understanding of how to apply the use of technology for academic success.

2.1. I know that for me, using technology to complete coursework helps me keep everything in one place, that way I don't have to worry about having assignments in a bunch of different places.

2.2. Technology is a big factor for academic success, because it is one of the key ways that students communicate with their peers and professors.

2.3. Technology revolutionizes and opens new ways for students to learn new information and experiment with it.

2.4. Technology (laptops, phones, tablets, etc) can be used anywhere you are in the world

2.5. As a veterinary technician, technology is a huge part of our job. We use it to run tests for vitals and other health related issues, such as x-rays, during surgery, having tests run on blood samples.

3. Learning Objective #3 Students will develop an understanding about the college and campus community as well as the policies and procedures of the college.

3.1. As a new student, starting at a new campus can be a little scary. I think that’s why it’s important to attend the “new student orientation” to get a basic walk through of the campus and what to expect. In addition to attending the orientation, you should take SDV 101 which will provide students with information about college and campus servies, assistance with academic and career planning and techniques to improve study habit and personal skills as well as campus resources. If you are unsure of something, you can refer back to them at NOVA website (

4. Learning Objective #4 Students will develop study skills for academic success

4.1. I am a Kinesthetic Learner, and I believe that in this program it is all hands on and I think that plays an important role in learning how to do things in this type of field of work.

4.2. There are four note-taking skills that I have learned, Outline, Map, Cornell and Sentence method. Out of those methods I like using the Sentence method it is more my style and I am more confident on doing this method.

4.3. There are many strategies for test taking, some are approach with confidence, do essays or short answers first, avoid listening to last minute ideas, and stay calm and pace yourself.

4.4. what the teacher is focusing on during lecture and I observe her/him because they could be hinting at certain things that might be more important in the future. For my writing I like to rewrite my notes after lecture and put things in a more organized way and then I can underline and highlight things that pop out to me that I think are most important.

4.5. Analysis, interpretation, reflection, and revaluation are aspects of critical thinking.

4.6. For me I like to study in the morning and around noon when I have no class, I seem to do better without noise I do not get distracted as much. I like to study at my desk at home it puts me in the school/study mode.

4.7. There are tutoring services, subject workshops, small group study groups and preparations that supports student's success.

5. Learning Objective #5 Students will develop life management techniques as they relate to being a successful college student.

5.1. 3 strategies I use for managing anxiety/ stress is one I make sure I always get a good night sleep, exercise, and prioritize and establish boundaries for myself.

5.2. 2 strategies/ tools I use to have effective time management is one I use a Planner to plan my school,work,exercise weekly and monthly. Second way is I make Checklist and I order it by what it my top priority.

5.3. I prefer using my planner because it help reminds me about important dates.

5.4. What it means to prioritize and plan is to sit down and go over anything that is important and going on in life and how you can make it manageable for yourself around your work, family, school and personal life.

5.5. Benefits for having credit, savings, and budgeting skills is

5.5.1. Having Good credit puts you at a better advantage for buy a car or a house or anything needed to have credit for

5.5.2. Having good budgeting skills is helpful because it sets spending boundaries that helps you from dipping into your savings.

5.5.3. Having a good savings you can be able to afford other things if an emergency comes up.

5.6. Risk For having credit, savings, and budgeting

5.6.1. Not paying your payments on time are unable to pay back your credit card can leave you with bad credit

5.6.2. Once you dip into your savings it's hard to build it back up again

5.6.3. Not having a budget is a risk of being unorganized with your money and not really know for shore what you are spending your money on.

5.7. Four techniques that can help effect good communication skills, is give direct eye contact, minimize distractions (phones/computers) and take notes to comprehend what the other person is saying and lastly ask questions to be involved with the conversation.

5.8. Three techniques individuals are diverse impacts society in veterinary technology with problem solving and using opinions from different individuals to help solve different issues, having people with different experiences with situations to help out with patients, and also having people with different cultural backgrounds to help clients that might not speak english connect to a technician that can make them feel comfortable speaking to them in their native language

5.9. Skills that has helped me to skills to make informed social, financial, personal, interpersonal decisions is time management and having smart goals so that way i can have goals and also give my life balance with