Do kids know Beatles songs?

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Do kids know Beatles songs? af Mind Map: Do kids know Beatles songs?

1. Before they listen ...

1.1. I'm gonna fail at this.

1.2. I don't even know who the Beatles are.

1.3. I don't know their songs.

1.4. I just know that they play rock music.

1.5. I know the Beatles. I know who they are.

2. 1963: She Loves You

2.1. I've heard this before.

2.2. I've never heard this.

2.3. I don't think I know this one.

2.4. It wasn't my favourite in the world.

2.5. I don't know the words to this song.

3. 1969: Here Comes The Sun

3.1. I've heard this song in an ad.

3.2. I have no clue what the name is.

3.3. Oh, I know this song.

3.4. Yeah, I know that one.

3.5. Better than what you hear today.

4. 1969: Come Together

4.1. This doesn't sound like the Beatles.

4.2. All their songs are really different.

4.3. It has a nice beat.

4.4. I kind of recognize it.

4.5. One Direction's better.

5. 1967: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

5.1. Sounds like Spongebob.

5.2. There's a girl in the band?

5.3. I should have guessed that.

5.4. What do you think it's about?

5.5. It's just a song.

6. 1970: Let It Be

6.1. I love this song.

6.2. Reminds me of a church song.

6.3. I already know what the song is called.

6.4. He said that over and over again.

6.5. The answers are all in the lyrics.

7. 1966: Yellow Submarine

7.1. It seems to be for little kids.

7.2. Have you heard this song before?

7.3. The song is from a cartoon movie.

7.4. That's really weird.

7.5. The Beatles have a good imagination.

8. 1968: Hey Jude

8.1. I remember the music video for this.

8.2. This is really beautiful.

8.3. That was loud at the end.

8.4. This is one of the greatest songs of all time.

8.5. There are so many better songs.

9. After they have listened ...

9.1. Some of the songs were okay, some of them were very bad.

9.2. They are a lot better than I expected them to be.

9.3. There is really bad music nowadays.

9.4. Music back then was a lot better than music today.

9.5. That band should have gone on.