How to build trust

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How to build trust von Mind Map: How to build trust

1. Authenticity

1.1. If you sense that I'm being authentic you are much more likely to trust me.

2. Logic

2.1. If you sense that I have real rigor in my logic, you are far much more likely to trust me.

3. Empathy

3.1. If you believe my empathy is directed towards you, you are much more likely to trust me.

4. If any one of these three gets shaky, trust is threatened.

5. Rebuild trust

5.1. Empathy wobblers

5.1.1. understand where trust wobbles for ourselves the most common wobble is empathy people just don't believe that we're mostly in it for them they believe that we're too self-distracted

5.1.2. prescription identify when, where and to whom you are likely to offer your distraction that should trace pretty perfectly to when, where and whom you are likely to withhold your empathy come up with a trigger look up, look at the people right in front of us, listen to them, deeply immerse ourselves in their perspectives

5.2. Logic wobblers

5.2.1. Start with the point, then talk about the details

5.3. Authenticity wobblers

5.3.1. most vexing, irritating

5.3.2. we as human beings can sniff out in a moment whether or not someone is being their authentic true self

5.3.3. You don't want to have an authenticity wobble? be you super easy to do when you are around people that are like you when you represent any sort of difference, the prescription to "be you" can be super challenging each one of us has the luxury of representing difference in some context in our lives with that privilege comes a sincere temptation to hold back who we are if we hold back who we are, we're less likely to be trusted

5.3.4. pay less attention to what people what to hear from you, and far more attention to what your authentic, awesome self needs to say.

5.3.5. for leaders: it is your obligations to set the conditions, to not only make it safe for us to be authentic, but makes it welcome the key for us achieving greater excellence than we have ever known is possible

6. Source - Ted Talk Frances Frei