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Mobility von Mind Map: Mobility

1. Cinematography

1.1. Movie themes influenced by global events

1.1.1. Important theme of WW1 and WW2 eg. Saving Private Ryan

1.1.2. Important theme of the American Dream eg. the Great Gatbsy

1.1.3. Important theme of industrialisation eg. Modern Times, Germinal, Oliver Twist

1.2. Possibility to film around the word

1.3. Series manage to influence people from different continents, creating a cultural unity

1.3.1. example of GOT

2. Psychology

2.1. Mobility on 2 levels:

2.1.1. Global Positive effects: excitement, open mind and learning of new cultures Negative effect: can be hard to leave, and harder to come back. Feeling of non belongingness

2.1.2. Local Residential mobility has a negative impact on our well-being

2.2. Psychological mobility is the individual's perceptions of career structures and his beliefs about how much he was constrained by them or can transcend them.

2.3. Influence on physical abilities: psychology can help/damage one's abilities to move

3. Sociology

3.1. Vertical mobility

3.2. Horizontal mobility

4. Geography

4.1. Immigration

4.1.1. Topical issue: the 'caravan' to the US border

4.1.2. War & political refugees Problem of what to do with refugees, few countries are welcoming Problem of poverty: since the integration is bad, refugees live in the margins of the society eg. Syrians

4.2. Globalization

4.2.1. Before Start of access to travel for all; tourism mass production and consumption Rise of competition (economic effect)

4.2.2. Today Rise of protectionism New mentality to try to consume locally produced goods Need to review the travel means to protect the environment

4.3. Consequences

4.3.1. on culture Pros More diversity, more equality of chances, knowledge is shared better, good impact on sociological factors Cons - Less group identity - Creates difficult situations between different groups Big influence of the social networks, leads to a more homogeneous culture, especially in the youth

4.3.2. on labor supply Poor countries have a lot of cheap labor access while rich countries have a lack of that.

4.3.3. brain drain

5. Linguistics

5.1. Rise of the English language globally

5.2. Creation of international language: Esperanto

5.3. Loss of dialects

5.4. Simplification of languages

5.4.1. German looses the "ß"

5.4.2. French simplification of accents and silent letters

5.5. Use of more and more English words in foreign languages, especially in technological terms

5.5.1. "liker une page", growing use of the word "computer" in Italian etc.