Kano Kojima

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Kano Kojima von Mind Map: Kano Kojima

1. Makoto Kojima (My father) -he can give me some advice for my interview since he adapts new graduates to his company.

2. Miyuki Kojima (My mother) -she can give me information about many possible jobs since she is a social worker and knows many people in the community.

3. Tae Kojima (my sister) -she is going to be a surgeon in a few years so she will have much connection with university professors and help me contacting with them.

4. The Haga family (my cousins and my grand parents) -they will be nurses. They can help me working at the hospital where they work.

5. The Basaraba family (My host family) -they can help me with finding jobs here. Especially, my host dad's work place accept part time worker so I can get the job from him.

6. Ms. Simpson (My counselor teacher) -she can help me finding a good place to study (university or college) here and can give me good advises for scholarship.

7. Ms. Kadowaki (my neighbors) -They can help me developing the skill to communicate with others through living close and participating in the local community.

8. Ritsuka Takeuchi (One of my friends) -We are always connected on the internet; In this case, social medias (Instagram, Snap-chat, Twitter, Facebook, etc). Whenever I need to get find a job, I can announce that and my friends can help me.)

9. JAL's website -My dream in the future is to be an airline pilot. To be an airline pilot, it's better than anything if I can get into JAL (Japanese Airline). Before the time to apply for the interview to join the company, I need to prepare for the interview and some exams. The only way to get information about the interview and tests is to ask the specific questions to the JAL's website directly.