Differences between Input+Output

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Differences between Input+Output von Mind Map: Differences between Input+Output

1. Pros and Cons:

1.1. Pros: Students can use the software as part of their classes and adapt as the software advances and become more independent.

1.2. Cons: Children may not be able to use the software and it may not be suitable depending on the classroom situation.

2. Hardware: is defined as what makes up the different parts of a device or computer.

3. Pros and Cons

3.1. Pros: Can be consistently upgraded as technology advances

3.2. Cons: can be costly, size may be too big, may be defective

4. Input Devices: They are what information is fed into through a computer or other devices

5. Output Devices: They are what the information is sent to to be displayed such as a monitor or screen.

6. Example: TV screen, mobile devices, etc.

7. Example: Keyboard, tablet

8. Hardware + Software

9. Software: Something in a device that is intangible.