Global Flows of Refugees

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Global Flows of Refugees von Mind Map: Global Flows of Refugees

1. Types of Migration

2. Global Flows of Refugees

2.1. Who Are the World's Refugees?

2.1.1. In War and Violent Conflict

2.1.2. Refugee Status Due to Ethnicity

2.1.3. Refugee Status Due to Sexual Orientation and Identity

2.1.4. Refugee Status Due to Violence and Violent Conflict

2.1.5. The Most Vulnerable Refugees

2.2. Geographic Flows of Refugees

2.2.1. Seeking Refuge From Middle East War

2.2.2. Seeking Refuge From Drug Violence in Central America

3. Life As A Refugee

3.1. By Sea or By Land: Danger

3.2. On the Way, the Calais "Jungle": Mini City or Refugee Camp?

3.3. A Tale of Two Camps

3.4. The Risks Faced by Refugees in Camps

4. The "Solutions"

4.1. Integration Into Host Country

4.1.1. A New Approach? Integrating Humanitarian and Development Needs

4.2. Resettlement of Refugees and Asylum Seekers

4.2.1. Refugees in Protracted Situations

4.2.2. Refugees, Asylees, and Resettlement in the United States

4.2.3. Refugee Adjustment in the United States

4.2.4. Resettlement in Europe

4.2.5. A note on Asian Countries

4.3. Deportation

5. Internally Displaced Persons

5.1. "Invisible" Displacement Crises