Canada vs USA on immigration

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Canada vs USA on immigration von Mind Map: Canada vs USA on immigration

1. Some facts about immigration in Canada

1.1. Canada had a total of about 6,775,800 foreign-born individuals who arrived as immigrants

1.2. They represented 20.6% of the total population

1.3. Around 1,162,900 foreign-born people immigrated in Canada between 2006 and 2011

2. Some facts about immigration in USA

2.1. The US foreign population reached a record 43.2 million in 2015.

2.2. Today immigrants make up 13.4% of the US populationо

2.3. Most immigrants (76%) are legally in the country, and a quarter are illegally

3. Differences of immigration

3.1. U.S. immigration policy emphasizes family reunification

3.2. Canada has far fewer undocumented migrants

3.3. Canada brings in far more immigrants, proportionally

3.4. Americans debate immigration more than Canadians

3.5. Justin Trudeau has more power than Trump on migration

4. Similarities of immigration

4.1. Many Canadians and Americans have immigration worries

4.2. Immigration is changing the ethnic structure of both countries

4.3. Mobility within both countries is going down as the proportion of foreign-born goes up

4.4. Company owners arguably gain the most from large-scale immigration

4.5. Neither Canadian nor U.S. politicians talk about “brain drain”