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types of organozations von Mind Map: types of organozations

1. profit making

1.1. sole trader

1.1.1. advantages complete control of the company

1.1.2. disadvantage risky for owner’s assets

1.1.3. normally small business hairdresses

1.2. partnership

1.2.1. advantage share decision making

1.2.2. disadvantage profits are shared

1.2.3. example coca cola company

1.3. public limited company

1.3.1. advantage easier to sell shares

1.3.2. disadvantage business consultants and financial advisors costs

1.3.3. example sky

1.4. private limited company

1.4.1. advantage limited liability for shareholders

1.4.2. disadvantage difficult to sell shares

1.4.3. example cara lane

1.5. cooperatives

1.5.1. helps members of the enterprise

1.5.2. might start conflicts between these

2. private sector

2.1. non-profit making

2.1.1. non-profit organization duplicated work helps and protects human rights The Red Cross

2.1.2. non-governmental all profits come from donations focused on a society problem WWF

2.1.3. charities tax benefits medical research takes more work Save the Children

3. public sector

3.1. public partner partership

3.1.1. social benefits

3.1.2. lack of profit targets

3.1.3. schools

3.2. private finance inicitive

3.2.1. ineficiency to share benefits

3.2.2. managed with social objectives

3.2.3. post office

3.3. privatisation

3.3.1. political preferences

3.3.2. does not have limitation from banks, raised from government

3.3.3. PEMEX