Fast Track to Innovation FTI 2020 Call

European Funding, Technology

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Fast Track to Innovation FTI 2020 Call von Mind Map: Fast Track to Innovation FTI 2020 Call

1. Who should apply?

1.1. A consortium

1.1.1. Industry involvement is mandatory Allocation of at least 60% overall budget to industry

1.1.2. no set topics The FTI scheme targets relatively mature technologies, processes and business models, which need final development and a “last push”. The FTI scheme supports actions undertaking innovation from the demonstration stage towards market uptake (no more than a 3 year time frame) Eligible actions could be: piloting, test-beds, systems validation in real-world working conditions, validations of business models, pre-normative research, standard-setting. Projects are encouraged to be interdisciplinary cutting across different sectors and technologies.

1.1.3. 3-5 participants, minimum 3 from 3 different countries, independent of each other

1.1.4. must be established in an EU Member State or a Horizon 2020 associated country

2. When to apply?

2.1. 27 October 2020

3. How to apply?

3.1. Submit your proposal on the Horizon 2020 Funding &Tenders Portal

4. What support can you get?

4.1. Maximum grant per consortium is 3 million Euros.

4.2. Funding rate: 70% for for-profit entities; 100% for not-for-profit entities

5. Source: Horizon 2020 Funding & Tenders Portal, 2020/09