Literacy Across the Curriculum (Reading)

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Literacy Across the Curriculum (Reading) von Mind Map: Literacy Across the Curriculum (Reading)

1. Content Areas

1.1. Textbooks

1.1.1. written at learners reading level different reading levels in class scaffold main idea

1.2. Nonfiction

1.2.1. diverse interests

1.2.2. stimulate discussion

1.3. Informational

1.3.1. text structures text organization sequence cause-effect compare/contrast conventions of print

1.4. Narrative

1.4.1. Information embedded into a story story structures Beg, Mid, End clear on purpose comprehension construct meaning

1.4.2. familiar

2. Three levels of Integration

2.1. 6 language arts

2.2. Language = central role in learning

2.2.1. vehicle for teaching and learning cooperation collaboration

2.3. Beyond the curriculum