Interprofessional Collaboration

Mindmap to organize literature review

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Interprofessional Collaboration von Mind Map: Interprofessional Collaboration

1. Search terms

1.1. (Complementary and alternative medicine[MeSH Terms]) AND (relations, interprofessional[MeSH Terms])

1.1.1. Full Free Text 54 English

1.1.2. Total 354

1.1.3. MB will extract PUBMED to share abstracts for review

1.2. "Interprofessional collaboration" AND "complementary and alternative medicine"

1.2.1. Full Free Text 2

1.2.2. Total 8

1.3. "Interprofessional collaboration" AND practice

1.3.1. Full Free Text 321

1.3.2. Total 1177

1.4. MeSH: Interdisciplinary Communication

1.4.1. Entry Terms: Communication, Interdisciplinary Communications, Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary Communications Multidisciplinary Communication Communication, Multidisciplinary Communications, Multidisciplinary Multidisciplinary Communications Cross-Disciplinary Communication Communication, Cross-Disciplinary Communications, Cross-Disciplinary Cross Disciplinary Communication Cross-Disciplinary Communications

1.5. ("Interdisciplinary Communication"[Mesh]) AND "Herbal Medicine"[Mesh]

1.5.1. 1

2. Themes from the literature

2.1. Nguyen et al. (2019)-1-Medical Dominance; 2- Education & Training; 3-Clarity of Roles; 4- Shared Vision

2.2. Almeida (2016) 1- professionalism; 2-alignment with biomedical sciences; 3-expressing 'legitimating values';

2.3. Adams et al. (2011)- 1-prevalence of practice, recommendation and referral; 2-attitudes and views; professionalism and professional identity