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TSX --> ASX von Mind Map: TSX --> ASX

1. How to list

1.1. Register with ASIC**

1.2. Get AFSLicence**

1.3. Appoint Advisers

1.4. Talk to ASX

1.4.1. Preliminary Stage

1.4.2. More Advanced Stage Constitution Documents Securities and Escrow Related Party Transactions Employee Incentive Schemes Management Agreements Listing Timetables Meeting obligations

1.5. Prepare and Lodge Prospectus

1.5.1. Assets

1.5.2. Liabilities

1.5.3. Financial Position

1.5.4. Profits & Losses

1.5.5. Prospects of the Organisation

1.5.6. Rights Attaching to the Shares

1.6. Apply to List

1.6.1. Cost of Listing

1.6.2. Establish in AU a securites register or subregister

1.6.3. Register as foreign company under the Corporations Act

1.7. Other Details

1.7.1. Appoint an agent for service in AU

1.7.2. Comply with ASX constitution, and listing rules (or equivalent) of its overseas home exchange

1.7.3. Debt securities to be quoted are financial products as defined in Corporations Act

1.7.4. Commitment Requirements

1.7.5. Working capital

1.7.6. Independent Technical Reports

1.7.7. Solicitor’s Report on mining tenements

1.7.8. Confrom to JORC

1.7.9. Restricted Securities

1.7.10. Dual Listing

1.7.11. Dual Listing-CDI Framework

1.8. International Listings on ASX

1.8.1. Foreign Excempt Listing Must be a member of WFE Company Size Number of shareholders

1.8.2. ASX Listing Company Size Number of Shareholders

2. Are you ready to get Listed?

3. 3months to 2 yrs. to get listed. 6 months typically

4. Cost to get listed typically range between 4% to 7% of funds raised.

5. Application Forms