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Policy von Mind Map: Policy

1. 2. Regulation should not of itself restrict access to data

1.1. Will governments continue to fund public service broadcasting?

1.2. Media pluralism encourages diversity

2. 3. Let markets develop net neutrality / democracy

3. 1. Data is new currency

3.1. Privacy - media education, choice for consumers about privacy laws

4. 5. Taxation

4.1. Favorable approach for innovation and new business

4.2. VAT on magazines online

4.3. Neutral fiscal approach - on formats for digital development

5. 4. Investments in IP. vital protection for EU based intellectual property vital withing world markets

5.1. Diversity reducing accountability and market influence of large companies?

6. 6. Exceptions to IP should not be used as an excuse to exclude content businesses from participation (and revenue shares) in new digital businesses

6.1. New levels to be set for responsibility for publication? Self publishers the right degree of engagement/regulation linked content coalition