Character Analysis: Romeo

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Character Analysis: Romeo von Mind Map: Character Analysis: Romeo

1. Personality

1.1. Romeo of the Movie

1.1.1. Courageous

1.1.2. Strong-willed, Sincere

1.2. Romeo of the original play

1.2.1. Womanly Sensitive Helpless

1.2.2. Rash, Impulsive

1.2.3. Introverted Isolated He seems to live in his "own world" Day dreaming about love Not wind up in the feud between the Capulets and Montague Impractical

1.2.4. Selfish, Inconsiderate He is too driven by his emotion that at times he forgets the greater suffering his loved ones feel Irresponsible

1.2.5. Vulnerable, Easily despaired

1.2.6. Cowardly

1.2.7. Insincere: Pretense He expressed his love towards Juliet through, romantic words, but did he really love her?

1.2.8. Judgmental of physical appearance Light

1.2.9. Loyal Friends

1.2.10. Dramatic Fickle Mood swings Poetic Language Romantic, Seductive

2. Doubtful Love

2.1. Did Romeo truly love Juliet?

2.1.1. Commits suicide to be with Juliet Obligation Automatic response Status quo (the way things are) Guilt Angry at himself

2.1.2. Love for Juliet's physical appearance Obsession with her beauty Did Romeo love her for who she was as a person? What if a woman more beautiful than Juliet came along? What if Juliet was ugly?

2.1.3. Love at first sight Falls in love instantly Impulsive marriage

2.1.4. Instantly assumes that he'll never see Juliet again (banishment from Verona) Gives up Hopeless Inconsiderate of Juliet

2.1.5. He first worries about himself

2.1.6. Juliet's Sacrifice vs. Rome's Sacrifice Juliet Drinking the potion Suicide Defies his father's commands and damages her relation with him. Romeo Suicide

3. Fault

3.1. How was Romeo responsible for the death of Juliet?

3.1.1. Murdered Tybalt Capulet hurried the wedding to eradicate Juliet's "grief over Tybalt" Juliet sought Friar Lawrence for a solution Juliet took the potion Romeo thought Juliet was dead Juliet found Romeo dead and committed suicide

3.1.2. Got himself banished Left Juliet alone to bear most of the hardships and consequences of their secret marriage Juliet became emotionally unstable

4. Identity& Relationship

4.1. Lover of Juliet

4.2. Friend of Mercutio and Benvolio

4.2.1. Relationship with Mercutio They can't relate to each other easily, but are intimate friends (Opposites)

4.2.2. Relationship with Benvolio Benvolio gives generous advices Benvolio tries to ease Romeo's grief Although Benvolio tries to help Romeo, Romeo finds Benvolio's advices unhelpful Romeo doesn't deserve Benvolio who tries to be an understanding friend

4.3. Heir of the Montagues

4.3.1. Relationship with Lord and Lady Montague Isolated Romeo is old enough to take care of himself Romeo's parents care about him more than he does his parents Romeo didn't give a thought about his parents when he married Juliet and got himself banished. Lord and Lady Montague are worried about Romeo's "depression" and his wherabouts (Act 1 Scene 1)

4.4. Murderer of Tybalt