Work Meetings: Plan Ahead

Items to think about while planning your next work meeting.

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Work Meetings: Plan Ahead von Mind Map: Work Meetings: Plan Ahead

1. Prepare agenda

1.1. Agenda Review

1.1.1. Item #1

1.1.2. Item #2

1.1.3. Item #3

1.1.4. No more than 3 You may lose your audience!

1.2. Define Context

1.2.1. Why are we here?

1.2.2. How did we get here?

1.3. Links To Attendees

1.3.1. What's in it for them?

1.4. Define Goals

1.4.1. What are we trying to achieve?

1.4.2. SMART Goals Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely

1.5. Brainstorm Possible Actionable Steps

1.6. Next Meeting Date?

2. Why are we meeting?

2.1. Purpose

2.1.1. Why are we here

2.2. Objective

2.2.1. What will we get out of it

3. Who will be coming?

3.1. Required

3.1.1. Stakeholders Those who will be investing their time Those who will be investing their money Those who are directly impacted by the outcome Those who are indirectly impacted by the outcome

3.1.2. Subject Matter Experts Who know their stuff inside and out

3.1.3. Customer Service Their input is vital They know the customer's pain points Put customers first Then work backwards

3.2. Optional

3.2.1. Those who have no investment or feel any impact, but still have a voice Executive / Management

3.3. Keep a strict limit

4. How long do you need?

4.1. Don't automatically book an hour if you don't need it

4.2. Book the shortest amount needed

4.2.1. Keep a 10-minute buffer at max

4.2.2. do more with less

4.2.3. more productive

4.2.4. more focused

4.3. It's OK to end the meeting before time

4.3.1. People will love you

5. Give notice to attendees

5.1. As much in advance as possible

5.2. Check availability

5.3. Give purpose, date, time

5.4. Re-confirm 24 hrs before the meeting

5.5. Distribute agenda ahead of time, if possible

6. Choose a convenient time

6.1. Schedule in core hours

6.1.1. Not too early in the morning

6.1.2. Not too late in the afternoon


6.2.1. No "real" work will get done Monday mornings Friday afternoons

6.3. Teleconferencing

6.3.1. Don't forget time zone differences

7. Decide what tools you need

7.1. Aides

7.1.1. Projector

7.1.2. Laptop

7.1.3. Whiteboard, markers

7.1.4. Powerpoint

7.2. Book meeting equipment ahead of time

7.3. Be amiliar with the use of these tools