6A Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

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6A Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings von Mind Map: 6A Chapter 2:  Fierce Wonderings

1. I dayddream about food

2. How will I achieve my goals

2.1. You achieve them by seting the goals.

2.2. you have to be determined

3. It doesn't have anything at the bott

4. How could anything be bottomless?

4.1. it doesnt end

4.2. It probably wouldn't they just couldn't find the bottom

4.3. It doesn't end.

4.4. Is it possible that nothing can end?!

4.5. um.. it doesnt end or they havent found the bottom

4.6. nothing can be bottomless at least i don't think

4.7. life will not end

4.7.1. how won't it

4.8. life never ends

4.9. it never ands like a black hole

4.9.1. how does a black hole ever end

4.10. what if life was a bottomless pit?

4.11. devorce

4.12. would it be fun to fall down a endless hole

4.13. all my bad dreams

4.13.1. how is realed to topic

4.14. it could be bottom less and lead ot hthe other end of the earth

4.15. all my bad dreams end falling trouth the air endlessly till i die of old age

4.16. war

4.17. life will never end because we go to heaven if we believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins

5. How do I wonder fiercely?

5.1. You have to think about it very hard.

5.1.1. what do you think hard about?? School work my instrument and dance!!

5.2. you take your time and think nard

5.3. You just think and think and think and think...

5.4. you think and think

5.5. when someone is rushingme

5.6. you have to be determined

6. What do i day dream about?

6.1. i dream of becoming a proffesional pasketball player

6.2. food

6.3. god

6.4. i day dream about video games

6.5. i Day Dream about dance

6.6. i day dream about everything!!! :)

6.7. life

6.8. about going to heaven someday ;)

6.8.1. I daydream about god and what it will be like in heaven

6.9. i day dream about life

6.9.1. what about life? who my friends will be when i get older, will it be the same or will i have new friends?

6.10. what my life will be like when i am older

6.11. lots of things

6.12. I day dream during school

6.13. life with god

6.14. I dream about what i will be when i grow up.

6.14.1. what will you be when you grow up im gonna be a cop so i can taze

6.15. I day dream about my baby sis Jordyn she makes my life so interesting!

6.16. I dream what am I going to do.

6.17. i dream about who god wanted me to be

6.18. life that will never end

6.18.1. why you say that

6.19. I

6.19.1. I dream about dreams. how you do that?

6.20. i day dream about the end of school

6.21. life the the end and how it will end when it does

6.22. when will i died and how

6.23. I dream if you will ever a complish im portant in life

6.24. i wonder what god will be like in heaven

6.25. I dream about food.

6.26. people

6.27. i dream about the summer

6.27.1. what life will be like later on

6.27.2. why you want it

6.27.3. i love summer and i dream about it alot

6.27.4. i now i do that to

6.27.5. I like summer and my birthday is in summer.

6.27.6. I LOVE DAYDREAMING sure bye

6.27.7. I don't why not? why not? How come?

6.28. what the future holds for me

6.29. i day dream about what is going to happen to me when im older

6.30. i daydream about chad

6.31. about chad

7. Courage

7.1. It takes courage to dance and preform in front of other people

7.2. have courage where ever you go

7.3. stand up for your rights

7.4. i think it takes courage to just tell ur friends to stop what theyre doing.

7.4.1. my parents are divorsed and i have to have courage to visit my dad every other weekend and i get sad when i have to leave them Mine to and it is very hard

7.5. Talk to others about bullying

7.6. To not get nervous when you are under pressure.

7.7. i got over my stage fright when i performed for my parents and their friends at their small group also my friends help alot like jayd

7.8. When somone is doing something they shouldn't it take courage to stand up to them and tell them they need to stop

7.9. courage is like being able to do anything

7.9.1. Like what mine are is to be free for and help other

7.10. It takes corage to go back into basketball after you broke your arm from basketball I almost wanted to quit!

7.10.1. Who broke there arm I did Jenna did thats me

7.11. it takes courage to get married

7.11.1. u dont know if it is the right person

7.12. it takes courage to make new friends

7.12.1. I like making new friends.

7.13. It takes courage to stand up for someone.

7.14. it takes courage to stand up to others

7.15. It takes courage to say lets not do this its just not working out.

7.15.1. i totaly agree it takes courage to wait for the right persobn It takes courage to tell a freind your plan isn't working lets do someting something else?

7.16. i takes alot of courage to be left out and to tyr to goin a new group

7.17. Also take s courage to do whats right

7.17.1. like not doing drugs and drinking i agree There are so many more ways to fill your time! i LIKE SPORTS AND MUSIC

7.18. it takes courage to stand up for someone when ur friends are the bullies

7.19. it takes courage when u wamt to tell your friend something but are scared to tell them

7.20. it takes courage to tell ppl that ur god is ur god

7.21. getting bak on a horse after it rears while you were on it

7.21.1. getting a girl in your group stepped on by a horse then getting ont that same horse the next

7.22. it takes courage to do a lot of things in life and to be determined to get back up and try again

7.23. what im going to say is taking me courage

7.23.1. on the bus ride home on wednesday there were all these boys and they thought it would be funny to just touch me everywhere that made me think what are they going to fo when theyre older?

8. honesty

8.1. passing notes about others in not honest

8.2. just tell the truth

8.3. Being truthful about everything.

8.4. i love honesty

8.5. when u cheat on a test that can not be honesty

8.6. how cant ppl treat people the way they treat ppl when adults are around

8.6.1. tell the truth always!!!!

8.6.2. word of advise

8.7. honesty makes stuff easy

8.7.1. So true

8.8. what would life be without honesty

8.9. If you don't want to hang out with somone or you don't want to go somewhere just be honest don't make up excuses why u can't go

8.10. if you be honest about something it would make life easier

8.11. it is awesome


8.13. how I feel

8.14. be honest always, a word of advise

9. Questions about life

9.1. Why do people leave junk in their garage and leave expensive cars out side

9.2. Why can't people just have peace with each other all over the world?

9.2.1. we don't agree on what's right

9.3. why do people do people swear

9.3.1. they think it makes them cool

9.3.2. they are expressing their maddness

9.4. why do peple fight w/ family )-:

9.5. why do tall people bully shorter people

9.5.1. WHy does anyone bully at all?

9.6. why do people murdure

9.7. Why does anyone bully?