Input & Output devices

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Input & Output devices von Mind Map: Input & Output devices

1. Input Devices

1.1. mouse

1.2. keyboard

1.3. Benefits: Being able to do commands from the keyboard and mouse to the computer to perform specific functions. Helps hearing impaired students

1.4. Challenges: Keyboard and mouse may get stuck and not able to get results because of malfunction in the devices

1.5. Application to Learning: Students use these items to show the teacher what is being learned in assessments through term papers, daily assignments, etc.

2. Output Devices

2.1. Printer

2.1.1. Speakers

2.2. Benefits: Speakers accomodates learning preferences for visually impaired people, Printer puts out the command that is put into the computer by the user and shows results

2.2.1. Challenges: Printer may be jammed or ink may run out. Speakers may not produce sound because of broken cord or have distortion in sound

3. Application to Learning: Students are able to hear and see what is being taught in the lessons. It helps them to visualize it.