Combination of Texts

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Combination of Texts von Mind Map: Combination of Texts

1. Colour was something of great importance throughout the whole production process. Our choice of Black and White was made at the very start of planning. We felt it fit our genre, presented our artists style, look and attitude and gave us a strong basis on which to create continuity within all three pieces of work. The hint of blue works well with the wave images on both the Digipak and Magazine Advert which all link back to our created video.

2. Imagery within both the Digipak and Advert, reflects the look and finalised style of our video/artist, this helps to promote our singer and keep consistency by using the same clothes, colours and locations used in the video, for example, the beach and studio. Along with the repetition of the white dress.

3. The presentation and layout of my ancillary products are, I feel simple but effective. By using the square shape on both the products I have been able to create layers of all imagery used throughout the creation. Alongside this, by doing so, the use of white lines has been something very prominant within my work and i feel this feature has worked throughout the production

4. Campaign consistency can be led back to the video. By keeping in mind what has been done when creating, filming and editing our most prominent piece we have been able to reflect on what the main areas of this text are and how we can apply them in an effective, create and consistent manor throughout all three texts.

5. I have tried my best to link all three pieces together by reflecting the genre, look of the artist and where we chose to shoot. Through these links I feel I have been able to visually capture on both still and moving image what our genre reflects in terms of conventions, i.e. styalised, picturesque, emotive images. This can be seen in the studio images and the way in which we chose to challenge these conventions, making our artist stand out from other Indie Pop artists and her performance style much more prominent/strong within the video.

6. Location is reflected in all three pieces, along with colour, this is something that was easy to apply throughout the production process as the waves played a large part within my work throughout my final pieces. By doing this, I was also able to look at the colours used within all three texts and apply them throughout as they matched and again reflected the style of our artist/genre choice.

7. The target audience was something that had to be constantly considered when planning and putting together all three pieces of work; this can be reflected in the audience feedback and frequent peer review sessions we did in and out of class. Meaning we were able to create pieces that reflected what our audience wanted, what style they were interested in and what was the best approach when actually piecing the texts together.

8. Mockups of all the pieces allowed us to change and adapt them into the best that we could get, by doing so we were also able to reflect on the stages of our process and the type of feedback given off when producing the products.