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LOOK von Mind Map: LOOK

1. after

1.1. to take care of somebody

1.1.1. I have to look after my son tonight

2. away

2.1. to turn your eyes away from someone or something that you were looking at

2.1.1. The accident was so horrible that I had to look away.

3. for

3.1. to search for something or someone

3.1.1. Can you help me look for my sister?

4. into

4.1. to investigate or examine

4.1.1. I will look into this matter and see what I can do about it.

5. out

5.1. to be careful

5.1.1. Look out! An angry dog is coming your way.

6. through

6.1. to examine something or someone, usually quickly

6.1.1. I will look through my e-mail to see your reply.

7. up

7.1. to search for information, usually in a book

7.1.1. I need to look that word up in the dictionary.

8. up to

8.1. to respect or admire someone

8.1.1. I really look up to my English teacher.