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Industrialization von Mind Map: Industrialization

1. Industrialization is what lead Immigration and Urbanization.

1.1. Immigration started growing because of the industrialization. People wanted jobs or to make money for their family.

1.1.1. On  1892, Ellis Island became a the immigration station. The rules of getting: You had to be health , you must be good moral character, must not pose a burden to the U.S, and liable to become a public charge are you going to be able to handle and keep you job. Only 2 %of immigrants were turned away on Ellis Island. Angel Island is also an immigration state/Detainment center mainly Chinese. How it went for them was that they were interviewed with a ton of questions. They had dining halls so that meant they would stay more than just a day. There was more than just Chinese. They would provide beds because they americans didn't think they had bed where they lived. They have a room for women, to do thing for example knitting. Chinese Exclusion Act-1882-prohibited skilled or unskilled Chinese from immigration Chinese immigrate could never become citizen if you already had family in the U.S you were loud to come in. Tenements were nasty cheap apartments for people who work in factors or are poor. Mainly immigrants would live with other families to spilt rent.

1.1.2. There was Nativism which is favoritism toward native-born Americans, caused immigrants issues with jobs and adapting to the new culture and language and the more different the more dislike of the immigrants. The more poor more jobs will be taken. The number of immigrant can be threatening. Also the curtain state of economy. Quotas1924 it a goal they are the maximum immigrant they were going to let in each year

1.2. Party Bosses are pretty much from industrizalion because they run the Political Machines, they are usually upper class. Can control political leaders because they  control the voters

1.3. Political Machines are the bottom half of it because its an organization that runs the political people. May pay poor workers to vote. Will be nice to immigrants or help.

1.4. Urbanization was really growing because farmers thought they could make more money in the city.

1.4.1. Which lead to mass transit which is  a trolley pulled by horses to get people where they need to be. They built subway and then it opens the streets and people will now live farther away. Urbanization lead to crime because people didn't  know each other so they didn't care what happened.

1.4.2. Anonymity is the state of being anonymous and it loosens the social bonds. Diffusion of social response the more people that will see the less likely you’ll help but the less people the more likely you’ll help.