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D.E.C.I.D.E von Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E

1. Evaluate the Results

1.1. The results of this decision may not be great, since I broke someone's iPhone, and they would be pretty mad about that at first. But, in the end, choosing to admit and apologize was the best solution because it is easy for someone to forgive you if you are honest the first time, and don't cover up your mistakes with lies and excuses. So, it was best for me to be honest and try to make it up to the person, rather than blame it on someone else or lie about what happened.

1.2. This is overall better for my emotional and social wellness, since I don't have to deal with guilt (emotional) and my friendship with that person is not completely ruined (social). I just need to continue to try to make it up to that person and not make the same mistake next time.

2. Decide and Act

2.1. Since all other options go against my values and have bad consequences, I would choose option 4, to tell her I broke it and apologize.

3. Identify Your Values

3.1. Lying or blaming others goes against my values because I wouldn't be being honest or responsible for my actions. I would feel guilty for going against what I and my family value. So, I should not do options 1, 2, 3, or 5.

4. Consider the Consequences

4.1. 1. She would eventually want her phone back and find out on her own. 2. She might believe you but you'd feel bad for lying and she might end up finding out the truth. 3. The other person would receive consequences for breaking it, you'd feel guilty, and the person you blamed would be mad at you. 4. She would probably be mad at first, but if you explained that you didn't do it on purpose, she would probably forgive you and it would be okay. 5. She might notice differences in the phone and ask you about it. She'd probably eventually realize it was different and be mad at you for breaking the original phone.

5. Define the Problem

5.1. I borrowed my friend's iPhone and accidentally broke it.

6. Explore the Alternatives

6.1. 1. Don't tell her anything. 2. Lie to her that you didn't break it. 3. Blame someone else for breaking it. 4. Tell her you broke it and apologize. 5. Buy her a new one so she won't notice the other one got broken.