Define The Problem: You borrow someone’s device (Smart Phone, Laptop etc) from a friend and acci...

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Define The Problem: You borrow someone’s device (Smart Phone, Laptop etc) from a friend and accidentally break it. von Mind Map: Define The Problem: You borrow someone’s device (Smart Phone, Laptop etc)  from a friend and accidentally break it.

1. Evaluate The Results Of Your Decision: I believe that in using choice #1 not only would it please me to know that I was doing the right thing, I believe that it would also please the person who’s phone was broken. That would be true because it would show how I (the friend) was a kind, trustworthy friend, who actually cares about the wellbeing of others. As well as that, my decision really boosts a lot of the main dimensions of wellness, specifically Mental, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual. This is true because in the act of being kind and trustworthy etc. I am boosting self esteem in doing the right thing, following my values, expressing who I am, and creating healthy relationships. Therefore, overall I think that my decision is a great one!

2. Decide and Act: As briefly stated in the box before this, I would definitely decide to tell them the truth and buy them a new phone or device (#1). As I said, this decision goes with all of my values, as it involves honesty, kindness, and bravery in doing the right thing. All of the other decisions involve something that might throw people off of friendships if they found out, and I believe it would be well appreciated if the truth was told to the friend, and they saw that I (the friend who broke the phone) really acknowledged the mistake I’d made, and made up for it with a wonderful act of kindness.

3. Identify Your Values: I believe in being the best, kindest, most likeable person I can be for as long as I live. That involves being nice to everyone, always trying my hardest, being funny, and so much more. It also involves honesty. Therefore I think that telling them the truth and buying them a new phone/device would be the option that I would go for. The two other options that would be OK in terms of following my values would be #4 and #5, because there are aspects of truthfulness and kindness tied into both as well, though they are slightly off on the “being the best person I can be” standard.

4. Consider The Consequences: For #1: They are very grateful that you bought them a new phone and forgive you For #1: They are glad you bought them a new phone but are still mad that you broke their old one. For #1: Your parents get mad that you have to pay for their new phone. For #1: Your parents are happy for you taking responsibility. For #2: Your friend never finds out and buys a new phone himself thinking he/she lost it. For #2: Your friend finds out, is furious, and stops hanging out with you. Your parents also ground you. For #3: They take the bait and live without ever knowing it was you who broke it. For #3: They find out that you lied to them and are extremely mad, and stop being your friend. Your parents ground you. For #4: They are very grateful for your support and like you even more as a friend. Your parents love your actions and support them. For #4: They think it’s cool that you’re giving them yours for a while but are still extremely mad and may never forgive you. For #4: They stop talking to you altogether and don’t take your offer. You get in trouble with your parents. For #5: They are grateful for your honesty, your parents are too, and are proud of you. For #5: They are grateful for your honesty, but still are mad because they think you should pitch in for what you’ve done. Your parents aren’t too impressed either. For #6: You never get to fixing it and your friend and parents find out and are very disappointed in you. For #6: You end up fixing it but do it very poorly, making it obvious you broke it, and getting in more trouble. For #7: They take it well and laugh it off with you. Your parents never find out. For #7: They don’t buy it, and are uber mad because you thought they’d shrug it off. They stop hanging out with you and your parents ground you. For #8: No one finds out and life goes on without anyone knowing what you did. For #8: Your friend, parents, and person you stole the phone from find out, and you realize that you are doomed for the rest of eternity.

5. Explore The Alternatives: 1. Buy them a new phone/device 2. Keep it a secret for as long as you can 3. Lie to them about how it broke 4. Let them use one of your phones/devices 5. Tell them the truth but let them sort it out 6. Try to fix it 7. Joke about it with them and hope they laugh it off 8. Steal someone else’s phone and pretend it was theirs and that it never broke in the first place