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Assessments von Mind Map: Assessments

1. An assessment that can be used to assess students knowledge of content before teaching it.

1.1. Pre Tests

1.1.1. Placement Tests

2. Assessment Data

2.1. The process designed to best help students that are struggling with content or a concept.

2.1.1. Writing Benchmark: Nouns/Verbs ELAR, 4th Student 1: 53 Student 2: 47 Student 3: 13 Strategies to help students:1) Discuss similarities and differences between nouns and verbs. 2.) Reteach the small group and give oral admin.

3. Assessments are the process of gathering evidence and data for improvement in both student achievement and teacher instruction.

4. H.O.T Questions

4.1. Opening Questions

4.1.1. What is a noun?

4.1.2. Describe when you think you would use a noun.

4.2. Guiding Questions

4.2.1. Why is a noun significant?

4.2.2. Dissect this sentence into two parts: Subject and predicate The monkey was swinging from tree to tree.

4.3. Closing Questions

4.3.1. Make up a sentence of your own. Now which part is the subject and which part is the predicate? Explain your process and how you decided the certain parts.

4.3.2. Do you agree that a sentence has to have a subject and predicate? Explain.

5. Formative

5.1. An assessment that helps to gather evidence of student learning and using that feedback to adjust and modify instruction.

5.1.1. Quiz Exit Ticket

6. Summative

6.1. An assessment that comes at the end of a big chunk of learning.

6.1.1. STAAR Tests Semester Tests

7. Interim/Benchmark

7.1. An assessment that consists of periodic testing throughout the school year. It is done in ways such as projects, quizzes, or written papers. It helps to give feedback on student work, not the student.

7.1.1. Six Weeks Tests Chapter Tests

8. Performance

8.1. An assessment that requires students to show what they know instead of choosing an answer.

8.1.1. Portfolios Group Projects

9. Dignostic