Lionel Messi By:Trent Stupalski

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Lionel Messi By:Trent Stupalski por Mind Map: Lionel Messi By:Trent Stupalski

1. The risks of being on a team with growth deficiency: Lionel could get criticized because of his height, the medicine not working on him, him not being good and feeling depressed and quit, not developing friendships with his teammates.

2. Lionel, Messi was born on June 24,1987,In Rosario, Argentina. When he was 13 he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency.Messi and his father moved to Barcelona at age 13 because they would pay for his medical bills if he would play for Barcelonas soccer team.When he was younger, his soccer team once had a BBQ and never asked for meat or talked. When he was younger he was an introvert.

3. For Messi to be able to go through these times was brave because he had to move away from home and live in a place he does not know well and play on a team he has not yet developed a friendship with.

4. The rewards of overcoming the challenge: Messi was named the FIFA world player of the year award 4 times, broke the record of the most goals scored in 2012 with 91 goals, Messi currently plays for FC Barcelona and Argentina national football team, improving at the sport.

5. The physical and mental skills needed to overcome the challenge which is an Growth Hormone Deficiency is Messi ignoring the people talking dirty about him because of his height, him being able to persevere through challenging times and having the right mindset.