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1. There are different kinds of habitats

1.1. Tropical Forest Habitat

1.1.1. 70% of Brunei Darussalam is covered by forests.

1.1.2. Suitable for various living organism such as mammals.

1.1.3. Common animals found in a forest habitat Monkeys Mouse-deers Eagles Centipedes

1.1.4. Various types of plants can be found naturally such as the fungus and trees These plants can become a source of food and shelter for different animals

1.2. Water Habitat

1.2.1. Contains water all year round

1.2.2. Variety of plants and animals depend on water to survive

1.2.3. Commonly found plants in a water habitat Water Lily Duckweed Hyacinth

1.2.4. Commonly found animals in a water habitat Fishes Dragonfly Frog

1.3. Field habitat

1.3.1. Commonly found plants in a field habitat Amorseco grass Asiatic witchweed Clover Cogon grass

1.3.2. Commonly found animals in a field habitat Grasshopper Worm Butterfly Termites Ant Bee Ladybug

1.4. Tropical Coral Reef habitat

1.4.1. Can be found in warm and shallow water

1.4.2. Commonly found fishes in a tropical coral reef habitat Clown fish Butterfly fish Eel Shark Stingray

1.4.3. Commonly found invertebrates in a tropical coral reef habitat Lobster Octopus

2. A living organism can adapt to a particular habitat.

2.1. Adaptations come in different varieties and help animals:

2.1.1. find or make shelter

2.1.2. hunt or gather food

2.1.3. survive in extreme conditions e.g. cold environment

3. A habitat has everything that an organism needs to survive

3.1. Animals require certain things from their habitat

3.1.1. Food

3.1.2. A place to safely reproduce

3.1.3. A place to hide from predators

3.2. Plants require certain things from their habitat

3.2.1. Sunlight

3.2.2. Water

3.2.3. Nutrients