C2G (Coaching4Gamers) Ideas

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C2G (Coaching4Gamers) Ideas por Mind Map: C2G (Coaching4Gamers) Ideas

1. Costs

1.1. Hosting

1.1.1. DNS

1.1.2. SSL

1.1.3. Web server

1.2. A lot of man hours

1.3. Ltd Registration

2. All coaches will be approved.

2.1. Increases consumer confidence

2.2. Highly reduces chances of scams,

2.3. But limits user base -> increases likelihood that people will be turned off

3. Place for Coaches to develop

3.1. Levels (examples only)

3.1.1. Lvl 1 Coaches - Free only First few posts monitored to ensure they aren't trolls? (depends on the method)

3.1.2. Lvl 2 Coaches - £5 Session Limit

3.1.3. Lvl 3 Coaches - £15 Session Limit

3.1.4. Affiliated Coaches - No Limit Finders fee? could be last level where they have the "qualification" to charge there own price % of coaching price

3.2. End goal of creating coaching qualification or certificates approved by companies such as Riot.

3.2.1. Pro coaches developed with high end qualifications

3.2.2. Makes some certification that can be viewed by players who require coaching but may not believe that a player is good enough

3.2.3. gives lower level players who know the game well to have a place in the high end league of legends community

3.3. Could have a system where coaches view video's uploaded by players and per subscription level get a better quality of coaching (thank jay for that)

3.3.1. Sort of a stack overflow theme ->http://stackoverflow.com/ (Q&A)

4. Development of the eSports scene

4.1. Creating a breeding ground for coaches benefits the whole of eSports.

5. Gap in the market

5.1. Few coaching sites exist.

5.2. General coach finders

5.3. 1 Mentor System


5.5. Coaching will become much more popular with riot pushing coaching <- hear more about it

6. Multiple Platforms

6.1. League Of Legends

6.2. Starcraft 2

6.3. CS:GO

6.4. Dota 2

6.5. COD

6.6. Smite

7. Run like a BUSINESS.

7.1. Recruitment + Selection

7.2. Structure

7.2.1. Manager

7.2.2. Head Coaches

7.2.3. Head Developer

8. Website

8.1. Development

8.1.1. I would like to set up a "Portal" so coaches can keep track of their clients and progress Timetable Skills Highest difference (e.g. got team from bronze to gold) highest level team strongest coaching single player team which role Wanted to do this before, but didn't have time, should be pretty easy (just a user profile page)

8.1.2. Main site Homepage anyone can sign up? (no charge) can get special signup deals? Paid membership? Free membership Explain that this is a different service Multiple pages for different games

8.2. Design

8.2.1. I think Alana will be more than happy to help with the designs.

8.2.2. Light colours with plenty of white space, make it social instead of serious (appeals to more than just serious gamers)

9. Coaching for new coaches

9.1. Could be several ways to go about this

9.1.1. Level system Coach experience level along with a star rating. Once certified, can further their certification by getting a mentoring cert qualifying them to train other coaches. Upon max level there are available options to earn a certificate in coaching. Perhaps different levels of certification, can't really self proclaim the certification... if we can get the backing of a major gaming company we will be able to do it

9.1.2. Coaches coach Coaches

9.1.3. Forums A forum exsclusive for coaches only. Well moderated. Encourage discussion to raise the benchmark for coaching standards.

9.1.4. Generate courses Credibility How ? Game producer approved eg. Riot What ? Gaining approval to put a stamp on our courses and certificates. Why ? Consumer confidence is key in online business.

10. Pro's & cons

10.1. Pro's

10.1.1. Severe gap in the market

10.1.2. Helping to improve the eSports scene

10.1.3. feel good factor ^_^

10.1.4. One hell of a thing to put on a CV :)

10.1.5. should be able to get support if we work hard at it

10.1.6. one of a kind service

10.2. Con's

10.2.1. volitile sector We don't know how long esports will be around, its looking good so far but may have issues in the future :|

10.2.2. How many people are willing to pay for coaching? I feel like a system where everything is organised and run through a well produced website would by itself, make people more willing to try coaching out. Right now all these sites are.... sketchy... like, you have to contact through the site. Add them on skype, discuss payment and do it via paypal gifting or so. Like... really ? There is the possibility of making web provided payment options: Is there a way for us to test this? Strawpoll reddit post? Likely to get noticed? Probably not :/ Issue here is if there is popularity more people are likely to try and take the idea (more competition)

10.2.3. will be hard to get the name out there Reddit Twitter Partnerships ? Sticking with the Theme of developing the eSports scene. Eg. That fantasy league game for money, eSports Journalist sites.

10.2.4. community may be toxic towards people who are just wanting to learn (i call it the "solo q effect")

10.2.5. Limiting our audience by focusing purely on gamer's (niche market)

11. Finance

11.1. I would be able to finance Hosting and Reg If I could have a prototype, business plan to pitch to my dad. He'd probably support the idea. (Rob)

11.1.1. if you begin writing up a requirements list (after we have started agreeing to idea's) i will start getting something together :)

11.1.2. Hosting is fine i have plenty of experience, its just the funding, if worst comes to it i can use the original website i used with the other site

11.1.3. If we get a set of drawings and flowcharts together we may be able to use that to get things started :)

11.1.4. made a specification document for things we fully agree on :) (in same folder)

12. Multiple Regions?

12.1. EU and NA will be easiest due to a lot of English spoken.

12.1.1. Start small end big, good idea to focus on English speaking then have multiple supported languages in the future (as more support picks up)

12.1.2. we also provide german already (with Aew1n)

12.1.3. I think eu may be difficult, at least until we get a few coaches on, mainly as there are several language barriers we may need to face

12.2. China, Korea? Would require getting native speakers with coaching knowledge as head coaches.

12.2.1. Would also require getting over into their network

13. Marketing

13.1. Logo

13.2. Art

13.3. Slogan

13.4. More Name Ideas

13.4.1. Coaching 2 Gamers

13.4.2. Coaching 4 Gamers

13.4.3. 2 names? One for coaching coaches, one for coaching players?

13.5. Color Scheme

13.6. Relationship Marketing

14. Target Audience

14.1. Who ?

14.1.1. Coaches

14.1.2. Players

14.2. Where ?

14.3. Languages

14.3.1. English

14.4. What are their needs ?

14.4.1. Want to improve

14.4.2. Want to get into the next division

15. Issues

15.1. Management of coaches

15.2. Communication between team coaches