My strengths and weaknesses

Strengths/weaknesses mind map based on transferable skills.

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My strengths and weaknesses por Mind Map: My strengths and weaknesses

1. Strengths/Transferable skills

1.1. Creativity skills

1.1.1. I can suggest alternative ideas/solutions

1.1.2. I am able to spot or create opportunities

1.2. Analytical skills

1.2.1. I tend to identify mistakes quickly

1.2.2. I am excellent at interpreting data

1.3. Communication skills

1.3.1. I am able to give effective presentations

1.4. Interpersonal skills

1.4.1. I can work with difficult people

1.5. Negotiation skills

1.5.1. I am able to convince someone to do something

1.5.2. I am good at getting a good deal

1.6. Leadership skills

1.6.1. I am able to delegate tasks

1.7. Teamworking skills

1.7.1. I support colleagues often

1.7.2. I am good at working within a team

2. Weaknesses/Transferable skills

2.1. Creativity skills

2.1.1. I could be better at conducting surveys

2.2. Analytical skills

2.2.1. I would like to be able to invent a machine

2.3. Communication skills

2.3.1. I find it difficult to explain ideas I am not familiar with

2.4. Interpersonal skills

2.4.1. I could be better at listening to someone's point of view

2.5. Negotiation skills

2.5.1. Sometimes it is hard for me to change someone's mind

2.6. Leadership skills

2.6.1. I would like to be able to chair meetings better

2.7. Teamworking skills

2.7.1. I could be better at discussing issues