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1. This Visual Context

1.1. Mystery

1.1.1. Darkness

1.1.2. Ray of light

1.1.3. Mysterious light

1.2. Magic

1.2.1. Lights in movement

1.2.2. Stars

1.3. Relax

1.4. Child

2. It's a Journey!

2.1. Exploration

2.2. Discovery

2.3. Uncertainty

3. Some must to read books

3.1. The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall

3.2. The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo

3.3. The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell

3.4. Wired for Story by Lisa Cron

3.5. The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling by Annette Simons

4. Philippe Boukobza