4 Habits That Made My Life Harder

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4 Habits That Made My Life Harder por Mind Map: 4 Habits That Made My Life Harder

1. Spending time with charlatans

1.1. If you’re impressed by someone, be patient, and do some digging.

1.2. Watch how they respond when things go wrong. Keep an eye on how they treat other people when they’re stressed out.

1.3. Take your time when it comes to the people you decide to let into your life.

1.4. If people continue to prioritize themselves over the people around them, this is a massive sign that they aren’t worth your time.

1.5. Don't hold low-quality people in high-esteem.

2. Spending money on substances or worthless stuff

2.1. Have fun. Go nuts from time to time.

2.1.1. Just don’t be the type of person who complains about life after spending money on substances or worthless stuff

2.2. You don't have to be a minimalist but be smart

2.3. Nothing kills more dreams and causes more stress than debt and/or drugs.

2.4. Live as clear-headed and lightweight as possible

3. Not creating enough white space in my day

3.1. Interesting people who do big things in the world are rarely busy

3.2. The people who move the fastest often times live slow boring lives.

3.2.1. They take the time to understand what they don’t want to do.

3.2.2. As a result, this frees up a lot of time for the things they want to do.

3.3. Ask yourself what makes you happy, and create white space each day to enjoy these things

3.4. There will be times in your life when outside circumstances make this difficult.

3.4.1. There is always time for the things that mean enough to you. It’s simply up to you to find ways to make it a priority.

3.5. The world belongs to the curious — those who have the time to tinker and get lost from time to time.

4. Thinking the world owed me something

4.1. The world doesn’t owe you anything. Bad things happen to good people.

4.2. Be a scrapper. Attitude is everything. Everything worth having comes with a few scars.