Roadmap for Purchase Options

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Roadmap for Purchase Options por Mind Map: Roadmap for Purchase Options

1. What is the Equity?

1.1. Yes Equity

1.1.1. Cash Needed Up Front? Yes Big Discount on Price? No All of the Options

1.2. No Equity

1.2.1. See PITI vs Rent below

1.3. Exit Strategies

1.3.1. Rent out

1.3.2. Rent to Own - Lease Option

1.3.3. Owner Finance Sell

1.3.4. Rehab - Retail Sale

1.3.5. Flip - Retail Buyer - Investor Buyer

1.3.6. Contract for Option to Purchase

1.3.7. Contract for Beneficial Interest

2. PITI vs Rent?

2.1. Is payment PITI well below 80% - 85% Rent?

2.1.1. Yes? Cashflow Long Term Hold?

2.1.2. No? 85% to 100% rent? Possible

2.1.3. >100% rent? A. How big is payment? B. Can you get a Price Discount? 1 A is BIG and B is SMALL., WALK If A is BIG and B is BIG, possible Sell Property Restructure the Debt If A is SMALL and B is SMALL Owner Finance Sell WALK If A is SMALL and B is BIG Sell Property Restructure Debt Owner Finance Sell Long Term Hold

3. Issues with Property?

3.1. Location?

3.1.1. Good? Hold or Sell

3.1.2. Bad? Sell

3.2. Building Structure?

3.2.1. Good? All Options Open

3.2.2. Bad? Sell Now Near Future