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Fariko About por Mind Map: Fariko About

1. Mission

1.1. Purpose

1.1.1. Our purpose is to impact the life of others in general and that of gamers in particular

1.2. Motto

1.2.1. Balance with a Smile be aware of other possibilities than YOUR preference when we keep repeating ourselves we keep making the same mistakes example: Also our balanced focus: Fariko Focus Person focus (mainly MBTI) Process focus (mainly GTD)

1.3. Philosophy

1.3.1. Life is like a Game: Improving Yourself and Sharing fun with Others is more important than winning. use Balance with a Smile analysis and discover 4 factors T: Yourself F: Others N: Improving / changing S: Fun / performing recombine 4 factors and discover Fariko 4 organisational divisions NT: Coaching ST: Esports SF: Events NF: Teambuilding

1.4. 8 Principles of Fariko

1.4.1. NTP be openminded to new things

1.4.2. NTJ improve by setting goals

1.4.3. STJ practice makes perfect succes is in the details

1.4.4. STP be present when performing

1.4.5. SFP share fun with others

1.4.6. SFJ be kind to others

1.4.7. NFJ share your knowledge and experience with others

1.4.8. NFP work with others on new things

2. Vision

2.1. 5 year horizon

2.1.1. teams , many! games LOL COD HALO GOW countries short term long term

2.1.2. balanced activities 4 org parts NT: Coaching ST: Esports SF: Events NF: Teambuilding

2.1.3. income generated

3. Goals

4. Areas of Responsibillities

5. Projects

5.1. events

5.1.1. past corona

5.2. NL.LoL

5.2.1. team

5.2.2. coaching

5.3. NL.COD

5.4. sponsorship

5.5. contributors

5.5.1. social media master

5.5.2. design master

5.5.3. web master

5.6. FRK.Projects