10 Task Management apps

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10 Task Management apps por Mind Map: 10 Task Management apps

1. Meistertask

1.1. Gantt Chart view

1.2. Kanban board

1.3. easy to use

1.4. integration with mindmeister

1.5. free option

1.6. add team members

1.6.1. Permissions

1.6.2. Restrict access

1.6.3. Create different roles

1.7. tasks

1.7.1. recurring

1.7.2. due date

1.7.3. attachments

1.7.4. tags

1.7.5. checklist items

1.7.6. task history (audit log)

1.7.7. organised by projects

1.7.8. print tasks ordered by sections

1.7.9. Custom fields

1.8. time tracking

1.8.1. with export feature

1.9. reports

1.9.1. predefined Recently created tasks (shows tasks created for the selected project(s) in the current month). Recently completed tasks (shows tasks for the selected project(s) that were completed in the current month). All due tasks (shows all open tasks with a due date for the selected project(s)) All completed tasks (shows all completed tasks for the selected project(s)). All open tasks (shows all open tasks for the selected project(s)).

2. nTask