The Hero's Journey -- Taylor Crawley

GRA 101 Hero's Journey Mind Map

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The Hero's Journey -- Taylor Crawley por Mind Map: The Hero's Journey -- Taylor Crawley

1. 10. Crossing the Return Threshold

1.1. teach my starbucks partners about SCAP

1.2. teach anyone i know about SCAP

1.3. help others with what i know from college

2. 1. Ordinary World

2.1. living with my parents

2.2. fresh out of high school

2.3. never had a job, not sure what i wanted to do in life

2.4. applying to colleges

3. 2. A Call to Adventure

3.1. i get accepted into converse college

3.2. try to pick a major that's right for me

4. 3. Acceptance of the Call

4.1. decide on music education

4.2. apply for loans/scholarships

4.3. audition for the music school

5. 4. Meeting with a Mentor

5.1. get acquainted with my academic advisor, Dr. Vaneman

5.2. get acquainted with my flute mentor, Dr. Vaneman

5.2.1. they're not the same person, they're married :)

5.3. they both give me great life advice and help me through tough rounds of depression later

6. 5. Crossing the First Threshold

6.1. get started with classes

6.2. go to ensemble practices

6.3. get acclimated to my room and roommate

7. 6. Road of Trials

7.1. classes get to be too much

7.2. i don't enjoy music education as much as i thought i would

7.3. i am diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia

7.4. i am diagnosed with anxiety and depression

7.5. i am unaware of gallbladder attacks

8. 7. Supreme Ordeal

8.1. i drop out of converse

8.2. i have to find a job

8.3. i get a job at starbucks

8.4. i still struggle with iron deficiency and depression, but get treated for it

8.5. gallbladder surgically removed

8.6. go back home, then move into apartment with my sister in the coming months

9. 8. Ultimate Boon

9.1. i find the SCAP program from starbucks

9.2. after a year of not attending college, i find something i actually enjoy

9.3. i apply to be a graphic design major and get accepted

9.4. i will graduate in 2024

10. 9. Refusal of the Return

10.1. i get a job in graphic design

10.2. hopefully, i am able to go freelance

10.3. perhaps start a family

10.4. continue to do horse show photography on the side

11. 11. Master of Two Worlds

11.1. college dropout to graphic designer through the SCAP

11.2. become a mentor to graphic designers online(?)

11.3. become an advocate for the SCAP

11.4. tell others that it's ok to not know what you're going to do

11.5. it's ok to not know your major, not go to college, take a gap year -- everyone is different