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"Doing" Math por Mind Map: "Doing" Math

1. Problem Solving

1.1. act it out make a picture or diagram use or make a table make an organized list guess and check use or look for a pattern work backwards use logical reasoning solve a similar problem make it simpler choose an operation make a model with materials use a formula blend strategies

2. Reasoning/Proving

2.1. explore solutions with tools identify what the question is asking does your answer make sense convince me make a prediction or estimation include enough detail to clearly show your thinking show a variety of ways that your solution is correct

3. Reflecting

3.1. use a math journal think about questions and feeling you had while you worked self questioning compare and adjust strategies while you work monitor progress and revise if needed consider a different strategy

4. Tools/Computational Strategies

4.1. identify words that show what operation to use use appropriate tools - geo boards - calculators - rulers - base ten blocks - interlocking cubes - pattern blocks try mental math try estimation

5. Connecting

5.1. what other math connects to this? when do you use this math in life? how is this like something you have done before? can you connect this to something you already know?

6. Representing

6.1. use a picture, model, number sentence, labels use math words use letters or numbers to order thinking can you explain your choice use a variety of representations use a formula

7. Communicating

7.1. Oral Think-Pair-Share show and tell your thinking use a script cooperative problem solving prove it use math words Written/Visual mind map individual/group solution writing use math words use symbolic language use a graphic organizer use important words from the problem